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Culturology - T. Gritsenko

Mystery school

Візантійське mystery time reached its discretion in the hours of the reign of Emperor Justin (527-55 pp.). At that time, Vizantia occupied the vast territory and territory of the country with a folding apparatus of the sovereign administration and good deed of diplomacy.

At the early period of development, Vizantiya saved the old cultural traditions, so that, in their own way, they took away the elements of Egypt, Siri and Iran. Little mysticism is not enough for the sake of new cults, the mystical teachings and Christian symbols. Ale tsu recession Vizantiya zmіnil, having changed the original artistic style, but having characteristic for the period of Middle.

Візантійська artist's culture has renewed two practical principles in its own way - writing, the kind of art and the vitality of spiritualism. Vizantіyske mystery has come to an end with two principles in One art system, suvoro normative, canonical, imbued with the spirit of a strict and secret ceremony. To the educational mysticism The characteristic nature of self-esteem, integrity, harmony of the artistic principles, the meaning of the image, the diversity of the forms, the thorough technique. On a daily basis, rice was used to fill the mystery with one of the greatest reach of culture. Візантійські містраи zoomed for saving I’ll add up the technology of the creative mystery of antiquity, at the same time, the stinks were re-honored with a new symbolic serpent. To the antiquity of ancient mystery, who praised the people of the earthly beauty, the mystery came, who wanted to glorify people over the last light. Bula is fragmented. The theory of the image is symbolic. Shine and parade, gold and marmore, beauty and syaivo became symbols of spiritual bliss, and painting, having helped people to encroach on God himself, is hidden. To the head of the arrogance of the whole mystery of the Bulo represent and the principle of Christianity.