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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

Podії ecclesiastical cultural life

Yak and in political and social and economic vision, the center of church and cultural activities in Ukraine on the cob of the XVII century. Also change to sch_d. Continuous Volyn and Galichini’s conquest of Poland with its apogee was curtailed by the Catholic Counter-Reformation, those who were in the midst of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in these lands condemned the incessant and unhealthy infusion. So, if in 1608 p. Prince Kostyantin Ostrozky, who died of the Stovp Orthodoxy, died of Onuk, the newly-born fanatical Catholic Anna Khodakevich, died, transferred Ostrozk to the Academy of Sciences. In Lviv, the fraternity also felt unaware, the fragments of the Ukrainian citizens were no longer in the middle of the street, the patriots were all the more utensils from the side of the Catholic Church and the Polish order. At the same hour, the schismatic governorates, who were shyvidno forging, interrupted far from the vise of Polish Catholicism. First of all, Kiev, which is increasingly densely populated and bagatshav, was presented as the center of Ukrainian Orthodoxy.

By the rush of the power of Orthodox Christian birth on the newly developed lands of Ukraine, the Bula of the ancient Kivevo-Pechersk Lavra. At 1610 x Rokach її arhіmandrit Єlisey Pletenetsky, vihodets іz galitskoї znatі, zgrupuvav Navkolo currently osvіchenih svyaschennosluzhitelіv, perevazhno Galicians zokrema Іova Boretskogo, Tarasіya Zemke, Zaharіyu Kopistenskogo, Pamba Berynda that Lavrentіya Zizanіya. Pribdbshi Drukarsky verstat, Pletenetsky having found out hello grandiose vision

whose project, after a long stretch of 15 rock bullets, nearly 3 books were published, with the leading rank of religion zmіstu. Tse pereyshvuvala zagalnuyu kіlkіst usіh books, wielded in Ukraine until that hour. In 1615, having denied pennies, reserved by the bagatos of the Orthodox gentry Elizabeth Gulevich, the nobility and those of the clergy of Kiev, with their butt, began to consecrate the fraternity at the Epiphany Church.

All the brotherhood pidtrimuvalo tisnі vzamini іz Zaporozhye. The ear of these contacts, ymovrno, by worshiping Josip Kurtsevich, rector of the monastery at Terekhtemirov - mіstі, de rozmischuvalis kozatsky spital, arsenal and skarbnitsya. Up to 1610 p. stink nastlki zmіtsnіli, scho kozaki vidkrito shouted: "My dear Orthodox and clergy, scho did not defend our old viri." At 1620 p. Zaporizhzhya in Chola Z Sagaydachny entered the Kiev Brotherhood I, who had an important time, all the same, spirited up the visibility of the new Orthodox Orthodoxy. Tsya pod_ya mala is of great importance. Adze from the confines of the Beresteysky University in 1596 that the Orthodox Church had lost its єрхrarchіv. If patriarch єrusalimsky Feofan vyazivat kіlkoh искpiskopіv і the manuscript of Iova Boretsky to the metropolitan of Kiev, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine in Mali of his ecclesiastical masters. Like I was checking, with Catholics and Greek Catholics I was “illegitimate”, like I stole it, the act of wickedly fierce. However, to the Polish government, it’s necessary to have a goat at the time, that’s why I didn’t get involved in the help, and the new Orthodox Church has gone on.

Pod 1620 p. Significantly sharpened Vorozhnech between Orthodox and Greek Catholics. At the end of the week, there are dogmas and church ceremonies between them, and a protracted prolonged conflict for church volodins is ignited. The superechka of the right to dispose of the churches, monasteries with closed lands behind them, reached such hospitality, which, in fact, was somewhat out of place with planned battles, and from both sides hundreds of priests were gone. Naybilshogo rozgolosu swelled driving in 1623 p. of the Greek Catholic Archbishop Josaphat Kuntsevich by the Nativity of Orthodox Christians, who were excluded from the Orthodox Church by trying the confessions of two Orthodox Churches. Zanepokoєnie brotherly struggle, a little fellow Orthodox priests, clergyman Archbishop of Polotsk Meletiy Smotrytska and rector of the Kiev brotherly school Kasiyan Sakovich , was magnetized to reach a compromise, “what a great deal.” Ale wants to Kyiv and Lviv times they called to the cathedral, but be reconciled.

The warriors ’reconciliation of their Orthodox Orthodox faithful, Smotrytsky іz Sakovich urethi-resht became steel in Greek Greek Catholic. Tim hour іnshi representatives of the Orthodox clergy turned around for pidtrimkoy to the Tsar of Moscow. Tse is not an unprecedented croc. In the 1570s of Lviv, the fraternity contacted the Orthodox Church of Moscow, and on the cob of the 17th century. bagato of Ukrainian Orthodox cents passed through Moscow to the Roman Catholic Church. At 1625 p., Reconciliation in the fact that the Orthodox Church was ruled by Poland not May Maybuty, Metropolitan Boretsky, having turned to the tsar with the wicked people, took over Ukraine’s patronage. Proteus Moscow reacted with protection. Let’s be afraid of the visions of Poland, won the Ukrainians with the pretentious smell of the word і grіshmi, and don’t take the crap’s hands to protect your rights.

The struggle between the Orthodox and the Greek Catholics caused such chaos that they had a decision in 1632 p. a Polish detachment entered into it, imposing a compromise. The Orthodox Church rejected the official life, and the power, which shouted the superechki, lasted between two churches. Metropolitan Petro Mohyla , one of the leading Ukrainian architects of the 17th century, became one of the leading architects of compromise. The site of a noble Moldavian family, the Grave, like a bagato and a special offer, at the church near Lviv brotherhood schools. Having finished our visit to Paris, we turned to Ukraine, so that we could kill the priest’s car’ru. In 1627 p., At the 31st street, he became archimandrite of the Kiev -Pechersk Lavra , and through five cities - Metropolitan of Kiev.

Petro Mogila

small .Petro Grave

Having gotten quick and quiet, but instructed me to write 1632, I could carry out the end of the necessary reforms at the Orthodox churches, cultural and educational mortgages. At the same time, from a group of blessed theologians and a scribe, they called him the Mogilyansk Atheneum for an hour, systematizing the Orthodox dogmas and ritualizing the first Orthodox Catechism. Both of them were founded by him at the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra School at the School of the Kiev Brotherhood, the Grave was lit by the name of the so-called Mohyla College, since it became one of the most important words of engagement. Having taken Uzutsk schools for good, especially respect in colleges was drawn to the vivcheneniya of classical disciplines, especially Latina and Polish movi. Grechkiy movi, such a popular prick at brotherly schools, didn’t even put on great significance. The program of the school, founded by Peter the Mohyla, made a statement about learning the traditions of the words of the Orthodox Church in Latin traditions of the Catholic Sunset. However, the floods of the culture of the Sunset, the Metropolitan Grave didn’t grow rosy, but the Latin philosophical tracts, historical and poetry didn’t love the large number of people, but only a few Viddak between the elite Kiev scholastics and the decisive Ukrainian independence gradually progressed cultural shave.

Zaporozhets at the dance. Hood. T. Kalinsky. Kіnets XVIII century

Zaporozhets at the dance. Hood. T. Kalinsky. Kіnets XVIII century

Cultural ukrainian leaders have so little elite, and the distance has been given to them by those. Most of the books, the secrets of such ones as the “Palinodia” of Zakhar Kopistensky , “The Mirror of Theology” of Cyril Stavrovetsky , were timid about demonstrating the truth of the Orthodox Church, to bring it very well. Navigate with the "best sellers" of that hour, which was designated for the mass livelihood, we disobeyed those lives of saints whose catalog of miracles was given, which were seen in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. At the most important book, the books were written in folding for the church church’s new language, which was still victorious in the Ukrainian literary. Prote chimdali mid-scribbler expanded his “simple” mov. So, Pamva of Berinda stretched out ZO Rokіv having stored his “Lexicon” , allegedly submitting to church words ян сь ких сл н іхні іхні Україські відповідники. The new fact of literary life of that period was the growing popularity of poetry and especially panegyrics. Prior to the most spectacles of the whole genre, to hold "Virshі" by Kasyan Sakovich , written on the death of Sagaidachnogo, that virshі, attributed to Peter Mogily. P'єsi, who were in stock and put up at schools, were also popular and often avenues of folk art. At that time, as many brotherly schools and Mogilyansky colleges were letting out new hundreds of students, and drukarni - new books, literacy scoured in Ukraine, and so on.

Since relational supernatural and imaginative life stimulated the cultural development of the kievsky elite, then in the culture of the masses and the nadal, there was a visible earth-moving style of living and know how to border. So, the themes of folk songs, and bagato for them, have been a bit old for a long time, boules in exchange for people with nature, prazya on the ground, especially hundreds of people. In them such garbage, like practicality, truthfulness, and visually neglected complaints were challenged. Nayyaskravіshim viraz creative people in the spirit of the XVI-XVII centuries. Buli Dumi. They were singing mandre kobzar in the day of the fair at holy saints, at the cossacks' camps, on the mayal squares. In the main, for the past two years, two problems have been tackled, arousing for the Ukrainian border border suspension: the struggle against the Turks and Tatars and the utilities of the nobility.

Population of the near-border ukrainian bulo was finished off by a characteristic cove of the cob period of the European-historical history. Yak in Ukraine, in Dnipro, Cossacks appeared in Russia, in the Don. Similar social wines group in the Ugric region, Croatia and the Christian lands, on the notorious cordons with the Ottoman Empire. Ale nіde tsі "periferіynі" Become not vidigravali such a great role in suspension, like Kozaki in Ukraine. Naturally, in the minds of Ukraine, the significance of the cut-off population was unabiqi. Prior to that, the polonization of the Ukrainian leadership had contributed to the role played by the role that in the last lands belonged to the nobility. Thanks to the Cossack, becoming a key post is no less in the history of Ukraine, and the first in the national private Ukraine - so, like a cowboy in America and the other in scandinav.

The order of the importance of the significance of the new energy is renewed in the Ukrainian religion of cultural life. Kiev again, becoming the center of Orthodoxy. For the religious and cultural leaders of Kyiv, a significant part of the Yakul bull is associated with the Mohyla collegium, which, in the words of Igor Shevchenka, is “the hour of spiritual zlet and the first intellectual development”. From one side, the vodrodzhennya of the Orthodox Church I spilled the relaxed polonizatsii. From the beginning - it’s wondered into Ukrainian culture that they’ve got elements, like in the past hours they have been able to enjoy Russian language. Thus, having unequivocally approached the most important Polish culture and culture, the Ukrainian people devote rice for a whole hour, and they saw them all over the world.