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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest


Rіdko if you hastened to such a populous, rіznomanіnny and wide range of new ideas, since the XIX century Until that time, the end of the desire for the age of Vidrodzhennya vidkhid vid poglyadiv, which could possibly be blundered with impairment, could be blundered to the point of God’s free will. Osvicheni роп Europeans have established themselves at the reconciled, scho rozum people people healthy building and direct analysis of people living. The charm of the ability of the intellect led to the unprecedented growth of new ideologies. In Vlasne, at present, the ideology is that the system of glancing is pretending to explain the past and present light for the role of a road order to the shortest life in May, - the post is the power of history.

It is well-known that with these campaigns the belts of the belt are integrated, but, at the time, they called the social group at Scheduled Europe. It’s not completed in the broadening of that widespread idea, at the mobilization of masses at their utensils, at the forefront of political and cultural activities at the European level to enter the intellect. I have one of the most ambitious concepts, which are based on the nineteenth century technologies, the concept of the national (national laws). Vaughn, as if I were changing the way, was a whole new way not less than the slackening of the suspension, and I was very tempted by this behavior. In Ukraine, as in foreign countries, a win of conceptual concepts, a pose of all sorts of things, there was a reason for the closeness of the present age, because of the fact that I came to know that I have come to know that I’m in need of it.

National concept

Sjogodnі natsіonalnaya svіdomіst є all-pervading dіysnіstyu, and it is important to recognize, scho on the cob of the XIX century. In і Europe ’, yak, Vlasne, and in most of the country, there’s a lot of foggy understandings, and I’ve been typing outright. To not mean, earlier people did not know about the discovery of ethnic values. Wait for people to see the great commitment to their father, mother, son and tradition. Ale until recently, ethnicity was not discerned as the main criterion for the designation of group identities. Legal and social-economic vіdmіnnostі, incorporation into the system of feudal stanіv, tbto vіdmіnnostі within the boundaries of one nation, respect for the most important, least vіdmіnnostі mіzh peoples. In all, it seems, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish polish feudal lord vidchuvav, who is much smaller than the feudal lords of the Inland Krai, lower than the villagers who are the citizens of Vlasny Krai. Lyshe at the XIX century the initiative is formulated to be newer to understand the ability to, as it is, to spiral into the power of culture and culture. In Ukraine, as in the past countries, a guilty step in expanding the ideal national standards, which is based on ethnicities, will become one of the main topics of new and new history.

The French Revolution, which marked the breakdown of feudal slurry and the new people, relying on the Masi, political and social-economic systems, spied a wide range of ideas. Grandfathers more than Europe have come up with an idea about the rights of individuals about those who have sovereignty є the people, not the government. Ordinary people, having become engaged in the life of a young man in a life of slavery, won the people’s life, sound, tradition during the water hour. The process of creating a national bridge is being repaired.

The most convincing proof of the significance of the national mov ies and folklore is that of the Johannes Herder, the philosopher of philosophy. On the protest of the “deadness”, the severity of the empire systems and the piecework of other people's movs and sounds, they panowed at the royal courtyards and those at the noble salons, Herder took care of respect for ethnic culture of the village. Vidomiy historian Hans Kon wrote: “Herder persevered by voting on the fact that human civilization is not in the irregular and the universal, but in the specific national manifestations; the leather of cultural manifestations of the unique but unique nature of the unique nature of the national identity of the national movement. For its sutility and history, people are ahead of the members of the nationally singing talent, and they can be as good as cinnamon. ” Herder’s dummies knew the dirty tale especially in the middle of Europe, in which they really pandered to the monarchy; I didn’t say anything, like representatives of intellectuals, who first developed and expanded in the middle of Europe’s price.

Although in the European national minority of the skin suspension, significant differences were registered, most importantly, there are three main routes for the development of national markets, with a small number of rice. On the cob, marked by a few nostalgic attitudes, a small group of interelectuals picked up historical documents, folklore, old-fashioned, important things, and a great deal of self-reliance. Another, albeit cultural, way, as a rule, becoming a period of the unsubstantiated "vidrodzhennya" mіstsevih movi, ikh of the grandfather of the widest vikoristannya in literature and sanctification. І on the third, but politically, this is the first time the national organization is organized and the first is the national store, after most of the time there is little time before self-service. As a result of re-negotiation, the main model is fit to fit in with the evolution of the Ukrainian national independence.