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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.


Ear of the XIX century. It was marked by a boisterous development of capitalism, and we saw an acceleration of acceleration. Rosetok of capitalist supranormalization and non-dominance and distribution of other virobnitsva, the main rozsharuvanny and zubozhinnyam of a significant part of the population (especially hired robots). Capitalist economy to repair the economic crisis.

Ideas of economical liberalism with a view to harmony of private and suspension interests were not experienced in real life. The problem of pauperism and the economic crisis made Gostroy busy.

For these minds, the scholars of the last classics speak with criticism of capitalism and a classic political economy. Sіsmondі, who, having called himself a lesson, A. Smіta, pіddaє state criticism of capitalism for the evil camp of robots, for crisis. Sіsmondі not buv sotsіalіstom. Ale yogo stick, uncompromising criticism of capitalism has spelled the form of socialist ideas.

"Politics" capitalism with a grudge reforming the power of Proudhon. To wake up the suspense of ambushes of justice for an auxiliary power were magnetized by the socialist Rodbertus i Lassalle.