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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

4. American School of Neoclassics

For example, the nineteenth century He is the American version of the theory of border corinasity , the bosom of a certain professor, Columbia University John Bates Clark (1847 - 1938).

The main principles of “Philosophy of Bagatism” (1889), “The Promotion of Bagatism” (1899), “Problems of Monopolies” (1901), “The Essence of Economic Theory” (1907) celebrated the great impact on the development of American and economic thought. Clark should be attributed to the so-called law of declining productivity of capital goods, which should be based on the basis of the theory of boundary productivity.

I rely on the methodological principle of the Austrian school, Clark Sturjuvav, who will be the main factors in developing the economy, technology and morality, and the basis for becoming the basis for the granting of statehood.

Clark called the main problem politically economical, naming the problem. At the book “The Rugged of Bagatism”, the win was increased, and it was possible to distribute a suspended income to be guaranteed by the natural law, in order to protect the skin of the hairline, the factor of the increase of the style of the baggage, the rate of winding.

Pretending to get more methodological concerns for the science of science, Clark decided on the method. For analogy with theoretical mechanics of wine, economics of science is divided into three parts: unified economics; economical statics; economic dynamics. Persha vivchaє zagalni universalnye zvonotki ekonomіchnyh yavisch. It is economical to analyze analysis for the mind of changing the organized statehood to the indissoluble, in which there may be excluded people, so that there will be a permanent warehouse, a large warehouse, a large amount of electricity. The static mill, presumably with the theory of J. B. Clark, is an explicit model for learning the minds of people in a “pure view”. Before the speech, the basic laws of the suspension of winnings respecting the very static laws.

Dinamiku win treating as the result of disproportionate strength, accelerate the development and destroy the renewal.

On vidmіnu vid of his predecessors, J. Clark, having examined the chotiri factor virobnitztva:

1) capital for the groshovі form;

2) capital goods (cover virobnitz and land);

3) dіyalnіst pіdpriєmtsya;

4) pratsya robіtnik.

It is evident that the skin factor of virobnosis is characterized by a specific productivity and targeting, and the skin whisker will deny its portion of the income factor that can be attributed. So, capital is safe for the bank, interest is paid, rent is paid, income is paid, and the guarantee is paid to the guarantor. Ricky income of Clark’s suspension is divided into three great parts: I will pay the sum of the salary, I will pay the sum of the percentage and the maximum income.

Clark’s merit was bad for those who wanted to know the principle of income-sharing, criteria, which is a sign of a bi-part of the skin factor in the product. The concept of declining cornostity Clark should be transferred to the virological factors, the deputy theory of behavior, the theory of living theory, and the theory of factor factors. Leather pіdpriєmets pragne vidshukati taku combіnatsіyu factors і, as a matter of fact, minimum vitrat і maximum income.

Odnak J.B. Clark, on the way to see, saw not one factor, but two (penny capital and capital goods). To the thought of JB Clark, for the minds of statics, the pidpriymnitsky sidetrack is always in place, more competition is brought up not to redefine the middle profit, but to reopen the middle one. Vihodyachi ztsogo, J. B. Clark pidpriєmtsyami naming tilki quietly osib, so that they can get enough dilova kvalіfіkatsіyu and the highest capital.

One of the main theories of J. B. Clark - the theory of boundary productivity - is grounded on the ideas of T. Malthus and J. von Tyunen.

The Law of Decline in Productivity on Capital JB B. Clark primed himself on the need for a new leather supplement for fixed prices for lower prices and lower prices. At his house, the skin's upcoming increase in capital for the constant number of robots is characterized by a smaller oversight of the products manufactured, lower efficiency, and lower front.

So, it’s possible that if the first hire, the product is being sold, the product is $ 10, then the other is $ 8, the third is $ 6. and so on. Productivity of the Praxis of the Left Robot є Boundary Productivity of the Praxis. Clark is robbing a visitor, where the productivity of the frontier is limited, we will lower the number of employees, and the higher the cost of the employment, and the lower cost of the frontier will be appreciated. That is because your theory of paying wages in the future will also be on the basis of the law of declining productivity. Win repeatedly repeating, what is the pay є equivalent of boundary productivity praci.

From the first theory to the exploitation of praxis. Firstly, the payroll is robust to the minimum product of the boundary robotic, then for the small payroll there is an active fault. The joke, however, is to be asserted less for the “dynamical camp,” if I have been a pioneer as an innovator.

Clark’s special concept is that those who want to take the theory do not need to “vitiate”, not “insert” viral factors, but to deny the skin factor results.

J. B. Clark doesn’t respect and process monopoly capitalism. Monopoly maє mіsce todi, sturdzhuvav vin, if there is an obvious one-way control over the market. Such a vipadok є blame it, and that’s the monopoly of Clark’s tract є like a timchashe ’’ - and a sign-up є I’ve registered a grabber of suspense and a little progress.