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Teapot for teapot: 25 tips for survival on war, on womb and in jail

Mяcopубкa для чaйникoв, Выживание на войне, тюрьме

Stability in the world is not around the tension of the voltage. And the probability of being caught in a hot spot, in illiterate people, is frightening and differs from a zero. In the first place in the world in the region

And yes, we are deeply and deeply endeavored, that no one will ever need these advice.


How are you going to send at these first minutes, so with you and will be in touch with you later. Come down with the gift, know your price, ask what you can give a rest and stay for yourself. Menus, listen to more. Do not tell anyone about anything. Do not let go of your covenants. They ask - the respondents, they do not ask - silent. Never ask for help yourself. Any male collectivity in a confined space - this is always a short show, where the foreign attribute has a meaning.

REPORTS - the SAME atrium. Ha you will see: as you keep, as you say, as your words prohibit. Try as soon as you can realize what is perceived and accessible, and what is not. Watch what the rest do, and do it yourself. When you take advantage of that, to whom and whomever one may be already a little excuse yourself.

2. Problem veca

But God bless you, just do not begin to be from the threshold . Your status will be determined by yourselves - in accordance with your personal qualities. “Make” you will be alone, because you will “bear”, and it is not necessary to adore your temper. He must be brides with connections, signs, money, physical strength, or wits. And it is not necessary to show to the people that you consider yourself to be the same, - this is the worst, which can be thought of. Benefit. Very quick and very painful.

And then the problems will start. Have you redeemed, what have you got ties and money? Well, it wouldn’t be nice ...

Z. Install the contact

Mяcopубкa для чaйникoв, Выживание на войне, тюрьме

In a critical situation (for example, in a war of battlements, people who are forced to leave you on the street) most importantly - to understand, to whom the fire and the power of the craft are at 1011 Boyna - always elevated level of aggression. Here is the main thing - do not be killed on the site. Hechi, what is the matter, turn on the fool, your task is to watch with tongues and not be killed in the first fifteen minutes. Then the chances are raised.

The primary goal is to establish a pseudo-logical contact. Show that you are yours, well, or, at the end of the day, is neutral.

4. He depict the victim

Never indulge in your feet and do not hesitate . Try as best as you can to keep up the balance, as long as it is possible. Although it is difficult. Heavenly fortunes are the same. Ho and do not stop the stick. He does not show up. The one who has achieved it, is laid in the forehead and in the bootleg. Remember, you are no more powerful. Power - other. Te, near whom. And they can - and will - enjoy your life.

5. If they start beating, come on.

Carefully close with your hands and knees. He is one of himself. He looks in the eyes. And in no case do not try to retract hitting udap. Killed, and all. PLEASE LESS, GEL, AND SERVICE. Execute all requirements. But again, do not be humiliated. Will rob - SEND ALL. Boost everything. Without the machine, you can leave, with the attached feet - no.

6. Teaching on medicine and first aid are meaningless.

Mяcopубкa для чaйникoв, Выживание на войне, тюрьме

Parameter you will never stand , yes and the instrument is not. In the emergency situation of the first aid, you need to know only one thing: if you did, we opened the door and we tangled it with a rope; If we have moved the equipment or the bulk of the vessel, put in the spaces and weighed down the harness to the maximum. He was not ill here, not a signpost. It is necessary to overturn the need with all force, so as not to be able to curb it further, because of this, the displacement from the disparate part is difficult. And if something is crammed - alive or a croon - atrocious thrusts, we plug the hole, perebintovymi. Then nothing more than the first and with the help of the first will give rest to the workers.

7. Alcohol and aggresive, and moreover war-ridden people are incompatible

He pey. Never. If it starts to clean up - leave. The crack is not the end. Never.

8. Beap Gpillc - This Show

He doesn’t have to have a relationship of any kind. He has always been worse, harder and harder. God is the most terrible. Caterpillar horticulture and anthropology, resulting in immobilized readings, discharges, disintegration, streptodermia and eczema. Whenever possible, it is necessary to wash clothes, wash your feet, hands, dogs, sunbeds, dry your shoes. Ordinary costs can completely take you out of the party.

9. Be encompassing

But in what our English spritznazovsky friend of the right, so in that, what to eat and drink can be , what is right. Under Alkhan-Yuptoma, coming out from under a fire, we drank directly from the womb, the culture of the living little ones on the teeth I remember before them. In the Gruzii, coming out of the battle, they drank from the hand, where the body of the torsion fell above. BIOUSLY - from Kanava, where the Lord of all snares lay.

10. A hole in the body can be worn with what should be.

For example, there will be a lot of polyethylene packs, which will be replaced by a match. It was here that there was a risk of avoiding a breathtaker . In order to air inside did not hit. When harnessed in this world, it is the most dangerous.

11. Start doing sports

Start straight . WHEN all will be loaded - the loadouts will be back as much as possible. Breton - sixteen kilograms, send - two, automatic - four, ground with parties - ground, ground, ground, land, flask with water, one with water, one with water, ground, water Cande, at the end of the ends. You are not ready, just as heavy can be the canister. Move with all this in a “wake-up” mode.

12. Fat at the bottom of the tank to cut

He is grumbling. Deep to hit in the head , otherwise a bullet will expel all me, there are only feathers. The flying duck from the machine is not to be beaten, you can even not try. Kopovam strap behind. Chepax and fish can be jammed with grenades or from PPG. Beside - myco and myco.

1Z. Sit on the diet

Personally, I will warrant, especially, twice a day . Bo-first, minimized one of the main everyday problems in the war - half the way, which has always contributed to the mass of disadvantages. Putting the battery on the rams and on one side of the vehicle should try to adjust the interior - this is not a painful thing, turn around. Yes more and the circle tightening. He went into pieces, and returned without his feet - very often.

But in the second, in general, it is better to have a stomach: for a living in a lesser saniton.

14. Can be any love

Mяcopубкa для чaйникoв, Выживание на войне, тюрьме

To me, who was hiding in the living henchmen at the pioneer in the Civic, Caid, was trying to stomp the people on the ground, said: Can be anytime. Please only time and wishes. A torture breaks any guaranty, due to the exception of a few cases. Ho, believe, the chances are, that you will enter into them innumerable, little ones.

Better not to let it go. All of them will come from you, that they need, but only to the moment you will be free from your palms and with the intestines.

15. When they are beaten so that they can be killed or slaughtered

But impacts by internal means are dangerous , even if they are not the strongest. The nasal nos is better than the diluted nipper. Try to protect the inside. Shield hands, wheels, squeeze in a ball. When sending to the child in the right side, a neutral bombshell explodes, burns like a fierce flame, you can never stand or glorify. In general, keep the sand, Semya!

16. Heated snow decreases by a factor of ten.

Out of the snow of the snow, there will be stalks of water . Well, this you will quickly quicken. Bec distillate - snow or rain - it is not necessary to give pressure, or even simply to drink it. Distilled water only leaches material from the organization. What more you drink, that more thirst. Sotli - throw a pinch of ash. But all the best living boiled water - from the river, the puddle, the puddle.

It is possible to dispose of it with any kind of chemise. Choke off "Blue", "Beliznoy", "Domastoshom". Fight the little and let the clock stand for four. He does not tolerate anything, but he cannot drink.

17. Cigarettes, matches, socks, saltfish, water, fun - this is wood

Try to have them as much as you can . Even if you do not smoke and you are barefoot.

18. He wipe down

After two days, under the nighteth, thou shalt cope with the skin, through three, the exomus or the ever-lasting ulcer .

Exam must be applied with any silicone or extra fat (paragraph 12). Steadfastness is successfully treated by a SOLDIER. Gazeta is under the rule of law and neploxo gpeet. Pads absorb moisture. The batches in the shut down are not worn out, scaled away. Position the engine better, but watch it, so that it does not tighten in the seat with hands.

A bullet from the patron is easily removed by the guard or by another side of the box, the pigment is worn from the battery of the alternation or by the hand of the tank or the body of the keys or the body of the kits or ka-ka or ka-ka or ka-ka or the tank, or by the way, or from the battery of the transfer pack, or by the hand of the battery or the body of the battery or the body of the tank or the body of the keys or the body of the keys or the body of the kits or the body of the kits or the body of the kits or the body of the kits or the body of the kits or the body of the kits or the body of the kits or the body of the kits or the body of the kits or the body of the kits or to the body of the kits or the body of the kits or the body of the kits or the body of the kam- Tpaccep makes a strong, though and short, fire. DECLINED in a brick wall and, as a matter of fact, near the caster. Sailing in a mi- ck with a crucible tipping it is good to heat it. It gives strong heat, stress and kontit nedavno.

19. Keep your feet

Mяcopубкa для чaйникoв, Выживание на войне, тюрьме

Healthy feet - it is very important. For example, for me, the valents have never been found by size, they were worn. ON RESULTS ON ONE NIGHT I HAVE 1 3 3 moons, on the other - 18, two of them with nails, which retreated. This has turned me into a practically unreliable displaced person. And it would be very likely to be moistened.

20. Boyna, prison, any extraordinary situation - this is in addition to the greatest part of psychology

He doesn’t live up the strongest . Satisfied with the most pleasing. Whoever quickly understands what to do with it. In whom the new qualities are developed - the means of perceiving people are getting, the speed of revisions is increasing, the speed of reproduction is increased, the parameters of the permits are improved.

The civilization of the lion is a monopoly, and it falls silently. The human being is excreted, the living is alive. But it is ono-ness that helps to survive. Boyfriend is afraid of it, that is broken by hands-feet. Boyfriend with that one, that tears the soul. As they say, apmiya is the way of the trap, which it is necessary to walk, crowding your teeth. But stay with it.

21. Heared teeth - the first step to the apparition

A sweetheart, and to death. When you come to your world to be repaired, you need to be careful about changing your environment. In the end, give you a minor mistake. Namely, the Soldier is made to fight and clean the teeth of every godly day (insert before the cuffs).

22. If the situation of desolation is hostile

In my opinion, the girls were great. One time they knocked out the windows . I was lucky, I fell on the street, and on the floor. He lay in blood. The caricature of the drunk-minded bastards. “And let him be ours?” Nearly, my face lay with the glass windows. With a length of about half a meter. B view of the blade. I put it in my hands. Has raised. Come on. Set off. Later, after this flash, the opposition beat me more than the rest of them.

2Z. Your whole life predestine is significant

You will “hang” just as much as “hang” here and now. Neither the gold, nor the quarters, nor the debt, nor the bottles of your former vehicles, shall you suffer. If in your past life there was a “mace”, and in this you do not know how to eat food or the packed boxes for the liver - you say it.

In general, people in general are likewise sensitive to extremes. The best soldiers, convicts, survivors - as a rule, simple men from the backwoods with fleshy, literally worn out chorus, faces. Learn from them. Stay away from them. They are the most important.

Boost, the best soldier always looks like a copee like a boom, like a Rembo. It is submitted to the country, but it is simply surprising, for what the number of people it is to become open to. And they, by extension, are the last blessings and believe that this makes them more significant than the rest. While all of this is not a bad thing, it should be. Then such people go around and go and go in the right place - down to the bottom of the social ladder. For many, it is becoming a serious psiological trail, and that can be broken.


Your stupid cove. He is altogether incomprehensible, but you must go together. He's afraid The fear will come, but try to break it from all forces. He give him a covenant, yeah, yeah, you can be mankind, you turn into living creatures. And this is the point. Days Struggle with your fear each second, do not indicate it to others. Stop those who are already delivered to them. Cpax zapazen

The saddle of the mistress “bullet bullet fights” - the truth. The parties are deprived of the right to action and the ability to adequately evaluate the situation. As a result, you make the wrong decisions: you don't have to do it, you do not do it, you don't do it so quickly, you can not remove the control from the speed controller, you can not switch to your mode, you can not switch to your mode, you will not be able to remove it from your speed controller, you will not be able to remove it from your speed controller, you will not be able to remove it from your speed controller, you will not be able to remove it from your speed controller, you will not be able to remove it from your speed controller, you will not be able to remove it from your speed controller, you will not be able to remove it from your speed controller, you will not be able to remove it from your speed controller, you will not be able to remove it from your speed controller, you will not be able to remove it from your speed controller.

25. And the most important honor is blessed

Kak tolko poyaviloc podozpenie, that is in the vashem gopode dolzhna nachatcya ctpelba, tebe cvetit tyupma, vozmozhno poyavlenie voopuzhennyx alkogolikov nA blokpoctax - byctpo-byctpo-allyup-tris-kpecta xvatay detey pod mouse cadic in mashiny-mapshputku-avtobuc and begi daleko- far away The most important of all. Without a corpus, a television, apartments and even without a home, you can wait. Bez Nil - Nelzya. Although, nevertheless, they manage wisely.

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Mяcopубкa для чaйникoв, Выживание на войне, тюрьме

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