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Kettle meat for teapots: 25 tips for survival in war, in captivity and in prison

Mяcopубкa для чaйникoв, Выживание на войне, тюрьме

There is no stability in the world, except for foci of tension. And the probability is to appear in a hot spot, in the environment of unfriendly people with a witch, frighteningly different from zero. We have experienced great knowledge of the experience of war and behavior in similar situations.

And yes, we deeply and sincerely hope that you will never need these tips.

1. First points - the most important

As you yourself will deliver in these first minutes, so with you will be communicated in the future. KEEP WITH ACCESSIBILITY, KNOW YOURSELF PRICE, SHOW THAT YOU CAN GIVE RESPONSE AND STAY FOR YOURSELF. Less talk, listen more. Say nothing to yourself for now. He can do it with your own words. Ask - answer, do not ask - keep silent. NEVER DON'T HELP ASK YOURSELF. Any male team in a closed space - this is always a bit of a theater, where the external cabin has a value.

Behavior - the same atributika. Ha you will see: as you stand, as you say, what words you use. Try how to quickly understand that here it is accepted and acceptable, but that is not. Look, what else is done, and do the same. When you understand that, by the way, and someone else, there will probably be a little bit of improvement.

2. The Problem

Ho, for God's sake, do not begin to roam from the threshold . Your status is temporarily limited to yourself - according to your personal qualities. “Became” you are one devil will be so much, how much “you weigh”, and you do not have to add to yourself all the time. Do not flaunt connections, familiarity, money, physical strength or mind. And there is no need to show people what you think you are above them - this is the worst thing to think about. Will accept. Very fast and very painful.

And then problems will begin. Did you say that you have connections and money? Well, it would be nice to share ...

Z. Install the contact

Mяcopубкa для чaйникoв, Выживание на войне, тюрьме

In a critical situation (for example, in the area of ​​military operations, armed people leave you outside) it is most important to understand how many people do it and how to do it. War - always an elevated level of aggregation. Here is the main thing - do not be killed on hysteria. If it’s pleasing, turn on the fool, your task is to cling to your tongues and not be killed in the first fifteen minutes. Then the chances are rising.

The main goal is to establish a psychological contact. Show that you are your own, well, or, at least, neutral.

4. He is not a victim

Never crawl in your legs and do not beg . Try to save as much as possible, while this is possible. Although this and difficult. A certain proportion of hardness is respected. Ho and do not bend the stick. Do not show off. The only thing you can achieve by this is in the forehead and in the trunk. Remember, you yourself are no longer in power. The power is other. Te, with whom. And they can - and will - manage your life.

5. If you start to beat, go

Make sure to close your hands and knees to the maximum. He is not a hero from himself. Don't look in the eye. And in no case do not try to respond with a strike at a strike. Kill, and all. Try to make it less, weak, and fun. Follow all requirements. But do not humiliate yourself again. They will rob - give back all. Generally all. You can leave without a machine, with apart legs - no.

6. Training on medicine and first aid are meaningless

Mяcopубкa для чaйникoв, Выживание на войне, тюрьме

Parametic, you all the same do not stand , yes, and no tools. In an extreme situation about the first aid, you need to know only one thing: if something has been torn off, we chop off the intermediate and tighten the harness; If you have aperture or a large cocoa, we chop the intermediate and tighten the harness to the maximum. No pain, no pain here. It is necessary to tighten all the force, since you can’t continue to tighten further, because it is very difficult to stop the wrap. And if something crashes - belly or puddle - we chop off the knife, plug the hole, and chop it back. Therefore, nothing is necessary for the first time and we will give it to doctors.

7. Alcohol and aggres- sory, and moreover, armed people are irreplaceable

He sing. Never If you have started the bait - leave. It doesn’t end there. Never

8. Beap Grills - this is a show

It has no relation to reality. In fact, it’s always worse, more complicated and harder. Hunger is not the worst. Where there is a lot of cold and antitherapy, which can be caused by various freezing conditions, heating, dysentery, temperature control and eczema. Whenever possible, wash clothes, wash feet, hands, legs, armpits, and dry shoes. Conventional accidents can completely remove you from the system.

9. Be everywhere

But in what our English special friend is right, so that to eat and drink can be all , which is good. When Alkhan-Yurt came out from under the fire, we drank directly from the swamp, the size of the living small on the teeth I remember until then. In Georgia, exiting the fight, they drank from a hand, where above the corpse of a calf fell down. In Grozny - from Canava, where a long dog was lying.

10. The hole in the body can be plugged than please

For example, polyethylene packages are excellent, and re-printed ones are perfect. Meaning to avoid avoiding movement . So that the air does not fall inside. When removed in a gravel, this is most dangerous.

11. Get started with speed

Start right now . When it all starts - the load will increase a few times. The body armor is sixty kilograms, the helmet is two, the automatic machine is four, the thing with the cartridges is another ten, the grenade, one’s eaten, the water flask, knife. Kapandash, at the end of the end. You can’t imagine how heavy the pencil can be. It is very difficult to move around with this in the “Bezhim-Lezhim” mode.

12. Fat from the dog must be cut

He grumbles. He must go on his head , otherwise the bullet will rip all the meat away, only feathers will end. Do not knock a flying duck out of an automatic machine; you may even not try. Korovam shoot in the sky. You can drown the turkey and fish with grenades or from an RPG. In the other - meat and meat.

1Z. Had a diet

Personally, I at war prefer this in general in two days . Bo-first, one of the most important domestic problems is minimized in the war - the way is far away, which always brings the maccu of inconvenience. To bed in the car with a car on the knees and at the same time try to control the suspension - this is very inconvenient, again. Yes, and more than that. I went to the bushes, and returned without a foot - very frequent cases.

And secondly, in general, it is better to have an empty stomach: if you take less chances of resistance, you will lose your stomach.

14. It is possible to break any

Mяcopубкa для чaйникoв, Выживание на войне, тюрьме

I, who was lying about in the right lacy yushka at half a copter in Mozodka, Sid, trying to shake off the ash on my face, said: “Could break, it’s long, long enough.” It is possible to break any. Just ask for time and desire. A torture is broken by any guarantee, with the exception of completely isolated cases. Ho, chances are that you are one of them, small.

The best is not up to that. All of them will be obtained from you for what they need, but only at that moment you will already be without a finger and with a broken intestine.

15. When they are beaten in such a way as to actually kill or make an invalid

Ho hits on internal goals are dangerous , even if they aren’t very strong. A broken nos is better than an undisclosed spleen. Try to protect the interior. Lock hands, knees, squeeze into a ball. If you get on the right hand side, the neutral bomb explodes, burns like hellfire - you can’t stand still or say anything. In general, save the cookie, Sonia!

16. Warm snow decreases by ten times

From a snow bucket a water boiler will be obtained . Well, you quickly understand. If there are distillates - snow or rain - it is necessary to keep it, or simply it is impossible to get enough. Distilled water will only wash the substance out of the organism. Drink more, more thirsty. No salt - throw a pinch of ash. But all the best living boiled water - from the river, swamp, puddles.

I can dispose of any chlorine containing chemicals. Bleach "Blue", "White", "Home". Have a little and let me rest for four hours. Do not take it only, but you can’t drink it.

17. Cigarettes, matches, socks, dumplings, vodka, sweet - this is the currency

Try to have them as much as possible . Even if you don’t smoke and go sideways.

18. Do not wipe the nozzles vapezhkoy

After two days, after a while, you will cut off the skin, after three - eczema or an eternally non-healing ulcer .

Ekzemu should be smeared with any cream or mined working fat (paragraph 12). The therapy is well treated by the sun. The newspaper is warm and warm. Treads absorb moisture. The racks are not gray, they open. Look better on the engine, but look, so as not to be dragged along with hands.

The bullet from the cartridge can be easily removed with a pair of wraps or any other type of side breaking, the burner will be burned from the battery or by the camera. Tpaccep gives a strong, short and short, fire. Shot in a brick wall and, while burning, in front of the casserole. Weeping in a bowl with a sunny rag it is good to heat the stove. It gives an explicit strong heat, although it is not worth the trouble.

19. Legs

Mяcopубкa для чaйникoв, Выживание на войне, тюрьме

Healthy legs - this is very important. For example, I’ve never managed to find a heater in size, they have been rubbing forever. As a result, on one foot I had 1ozol, on the other - 18, two of them under the nails, which had fallen off. This turned me into a practically inconvenient walk. And it would be just a callus.

20. War, jail, any extreme situation - this is for the most part a psychological

It does not survive the strongest . The most surviving is surviving. That, who quickly understands that to what. In which a new quality is developing quickly - the ability to feel the human being, to quickly increase, to increase the speed of the reaction, to take the speed up or down.

The flight of civilization is very thin, it flies instantly. Leaving the human remains. But it is he who will help to survive. War is not terrible that tears off hands-legs. The war is terrifying that it tears off the soul. As they say, apmiya is a waddling crowd, who should go by, biting their teeth. But to remain with this man.

21. Uncleaned teeth - the first step to attack

A, therefore, and to death. Having left in your own imaginary world, you cease to react appropriately to the changing property. As a result, you will allow a bug. Therefore, the soldiers are allowed to shave and brush their teeth every single day (before the cuffs).

22. If the situation is irrelevant - fight

In my childhood apmi was the most advanced. One time they beat out a window . I was lucky, I fell not on the street, but on the floor. Lying in the crocodile nozzles. Pokruk stood drunk freaking out heroine bastards. “Let’s let it go?” Next to my face lay a piece of glass. Approximately half a meter long. In the form of a blade. I laid it on my sleeve. Raised. Caught in a corner. Left. Later, after this outbreak of resistance, they beat me even harder, but such a margin was not much better.

2Z. All your previous life ceases to be significant

You will “weigh” a little so long as you “weigh” here and now. Neither gold, nor apartments, nor positions, nor the marks of your former automobiles you will not be able to do. If in your past life you had “oil”, but in this you don’t know how to get food or other boxes for the stove - you do.

Urban people, in general, are accustomed to extreme situations. The best soldiers, convicts, survivors - as a rule, simple peasants from the backwoods with thick, wordly embossed faces, faces. Learn from them. Hold them. They are the most reliable.

Generally, a good soldier always looks more like a home, rather than like a Rambo. It may seem strange, but it is simply surprising, for what number of people does this open. And they, by hint, become past riches and consider that this makes them more significant than the rest. Until then, this is not completely final. Then, such people receive an ad on the base and leave for their own place - to the very bottom of the social ladder. For many, this becomes a serious psychological trauma, and in some cases it can be broken.

24. Try not to be afraid

The most stupid advice. It is all the same incompetent, but you keep it up. He is not afraid. See, but try to break it from all strengths. Don’t let him take you over, otherwise you will cease to be a man, you will turn into a living animal. A point. Day. Fight with your own fear every second, do not show it to others. One that has already been affected by it. Cpax is reserved.

A wacky phrase about “a small bullet is fighting” - almost all right. Strain deprives the will to act and the ability to adequately assess the situation. As a result, you make the wrong decisions: you don’t go there, you don’t do it, you don’t fall so fast, you can’t take off your fingers with the removable finger and the rest.

25. And the most important advice - dump

Kak tolko poyaviloc podozpenie, that is in the vashem gopode dolzhna nachatcya ctpelba, tebe cvetit tyupma, vozmozhno poyavlenie voopuzhennyx alkogolikov nA blokpoctax - byctpo-byctpo-allyup-tris-kpecta xvatay detey pod mouse cadic in mashiny-mapshputku-avtobuc and begi daleko- far away. All the rest already. Without a carpet, a TV, an apartment and even without a home you can live. Without a head - it’s impossible. Although, however, some are managing.

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Mяcopубкa для чaйникoв, Выживание на войне, тюрьме

Apkady Babchenko - Russian journalist, painter, military correspondent. Laureate many literary and journalistic awards. I missed two Chechen wars (on the contrary, by the counter, then by the contract). There was a report from hot spots during the time of the Russian-Georgian war of 2008, I could see the Turkish East, wrote a sketch from Donbacca.

He was in captivity, in torture crashes, he was expecting a shoot. In February 2016, he was forced to leave Russia, worried about his assortment and promotions from the side of his own political opponents. This moment lives in Czechia.