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Mikapubka k chajnikov: 25 sovetov to survive in the wane, in the field and in the tiime

Mяcopубкa для чaйникoв, Выживание на войне, тюрьме

The stability in the world is not the case with the environment of gravity. And it's time to turn up in a hot little house, in the shadows of unhelpful people with opuzhime, frighteningly out of place. The experience of surviving on the eve and leading in various situations, we have poured forth a znamenitogo publicity Apkadiya Babcenko - a person who visited a little winters, was in the prison and zachenkah and, in general, knows what they write.

And yes, we are deeply and sincerely hoping that you will never suffer from these co-events.

1. The first moments are the important ones

As you put in these first few minutes, so you and they will share in the next. Dezhzhits c cdotoinstvom, znaye cebe tsetsu, pokazhi, chto mozhesh dat otpop and poottoyat za sebya. Monsieur Hovpei, do more. Do not talk about it. Do not use co-workers. Cppociate - Answer, do not send - MOLCHI. Do not ever want to ask me. Any male cloak in a closed space - this is a nemnogo theatrical, where the external atributika has a value.

Leading is the same atributik. You will be watched: as long as you say, what words you use. Pospatayasya how to quickly understand that it is taken and granted, and that - is not. Cmotry, that do the other, and do the same. Whenever you realize that to whomever and whomever this is, it may wake up a little more paccept.

2. The problem of decree

Ho, for heaven's sake, do not begin to swag with ppooga . Your status with the time is determined by yourself - with the same personal qualities. "Becoming" you one odd chteht celko, much "vecish", and not napodo pobabavat cebe veca iskusctvenno. He must be sprinkled with cords, signs, dengas, physical strength or intelligence. And it is not necessary to tell people what you think of yourself above them, this is the worst that can be thought of. Preezemlyat. Quick and good.

And then the problems will begin again. Did you say what you have for communication and money? Well, if you do not ...

Z. Ustanovi kontact

Mяcopубкa для чaйникoв, Выживание на войне, тюрьме

In the critical situation (nappimep, in the poyon of the dead actions, the convicted people put you on the street) the most important thing is to understand to which populace and on which stage the people are nakuduchanni nakoditcya. Boine - is the highest level of education. Then the main thing is not to be killed on the plane. And whichever one is, turn on the fool, your task is to sacrifice language and not be killed in the first fifteen minutes. Then the chances are higher.

The main goal is to establish a psychologic contact. Show that you are covent, well, or, on the edge of the earth, non-neutral.

4. Do not show falsehood

Never pause in the noses and do not . Pospataycya maksimno coxpanyat proctoinstvo, as it is possible. Although this and smooth. He is the only person who is good - it is respected. Ho and do not play the ball. He did not. The only way to do this is to break into the roof and into the luggage compartment. Remember, you do not have to. To eat is another. Te, in whom opuzhie. And they can - and will - pacpopyazhyat tvoe life.

5. If they start to beat, pass

Pospataycya maksimalno zakpytytsya pukami and kolenyami. He is the first of them. Do not look in the eye. And in no way do not try to answer it with a mistake. Kill, and all. Pospataycya kazatcya minshee, slabee and ppedrakkovatee. Execute all the tests. But again, do not be humiliated. Will pound - leave everything. B oubsche vce. Bez mashiny can go, with repeated nogami - no.

6. Tension in medicine and the first aid are uncomplicated

Mяcopубкa для чaйникoв, Выживание на войне, тюрьме

You do not always stand by the way , yes, and there are no instruc- tors. In the extreme situation, the only way to know is to only need one: if something is pouring away, stick in the lead and pull the tourniquet; If we are a child or a large cocoon, we stick the lead in and pull the tourniquet to the maxima. He did it, but it was not a text. Perepetyavat need for all the whole force, as long as you can not win more, therefore, that ottanovit kpovotechenie from a cold aptepiyi ochen slozhno. And if something is to be found - live or gruudin - we stick in the lead, we close the hole, pepin. Again, nothing is greater than it, and at the first opportunity we discern it to the vrach.

7. The alcohol and the special ones, and the more well-off people - are irreplaceable

He pee. No time. If the bidding began, go. Do not stop it. No time.

8. Bep Gill's - this sho

He does not have any reason to be alone. In every sense, everything is always narrower, more severe and heavier. The blood is not the earthly thing. For example, severe cold and antisanitapia, which are responsible for all diseases, aggravation, disintegration, asthma and eczema. At every opportunity it is necessary to erase the blessed, wash the feet, the hands, the pads, podmyshki, dry the shoe. Ordinary pattotci can fully emerge from you.

9. Be Committed

Ho in what is our English secret police, so in that, what to eat and drink can all that is good. Pod Alkhan-Yurt, coming out from under the fire, we drank the worst of the bollocks, the living beads of the teeth on the teeth before dawn. B Gruzii, coming out of the house, drank from the pond, where you hanged the body of the ship. B Groznom - from the canoe, where the dog was lying.

10. The hole in the body can be chased away

Hauppépér, highly poliietilinovye pakety, supremo pepototannye schetch. Cmisl here, in order to avoid pneumonia . The air inside did not penetrate. At the beginning of this year, this is the best way.

11. Heads to keep watch

Haichni plyamo ceicha . Whenever you start, the loads will appear in a number of times. Traveler - sixteenth kilogrammov, a helmet - two, a car - a couple, a clutch with patrons - another day, grenades, food, a jar with water, can. Kapandas, at the end of the rings. You do not suffer, just as hard as a kapadas can be. Perevigatcya co and this in the mode "mode-lezhim" ochen pomozhno.

12. Fat in the cows must be crapped

He grumbles. Golubey nado beat in the head , inach the bullet will pull out all the meat, there will be only a little foam. The flying duck from the car can not be knocked down, you can not even try. Kopovam ctpelyat po poga. Chips and pybos can be silenced by grenades or from PGG. B octalnom - meat and meat.

1S. Disease on diet

Personally, I do not do this for two days . Bo-the-first, is minimized one of the main everyday problems on the surface - the way to the dalnyak, which always delivers the mystery of the inad- sures. Turn in the trip with the engine on the kolenyah and once again try to control the construction - this is not necessary, turn it around. Yes, and pulling together. He went into the bush, and vpnulccya no leg - quite a few cases.

A in-vtopyx, it is better to have an empty stomach: at the time of death, the smallest sandwich perpetonite.

14. Could be any love

Mяcopубкa для чaйникoв, Выживание на войне, тюрьме

Mne, who, having been imprisoned in the holy crook of the south on the floor of the cop in Mizdok, Caid, trying to hold the stove on his face, said: "Can I have any love, yes, a long one?" Yes. You can love anyone. BoPpoc only time and desire. A tortures are lyumayut any garantirovanno, zaklyuchenieem sovtsem so odnichnyx raluae. But, believe me, the shans that you enter in their name, are new.

It is better not to go before this. All the time they will get you out of what they need, but only to that moment you'll already have no patches and with red blood.

15. Whenever they beat it, in order to kill or make an invalid

Ho udapy na internal opganas opacny , dazhe ecli they are not strong enough. SloMannny noc better, than the passevvannaya celezenka. Protect the internal affairs. Close the pukami, kolenyami, squeeze into the club. When you fall into the song in the right box, a neutered bomb explodes, burning, like a floodplain, - it can not be either stoic or govopit. B general, beeping bee, Ceņa!

16. The top-level net will decrease in volume after a period of

From the bottom of the water, a boiler of water is received . Well, you'll quickly understand it. Become distillate - a snow or a rain - do not stimulate it, so it's almost impossible to drink it. Distillated water only removes the substance from the organism. What you drink more, that's more than anything. Do not coin - throw the whiteness of the tooth. But everything is better than the living water boiling - from the pea, bollot, puddles.

BoDu can be transformed into any kind of chemically pleasing chemistry. With the help of "Cineva", "Belize", "Domenko". Wait a little and let him have a cup of tea. Do not only drink, but you can not drink it.

17. Cigarettes, little cats, nokki, kolyarka, vodka, sweet - it's a currency

Pospatayasya have them as much as possible . Yes, if you do not smoke and you are a whisker.

18. Do not wipe the spill in the lye

Two days before someday cdepeesh skin, chepez three - eczema or vechno not a healing ulcer .

The eczema must be smeared with any quantity or fat co-fat (item 12). The test method is very good for the sun. Gazaet before and right naploko gpeet. Wraps absorb vnaga. Bapazhki in vyhlope not gpey, otcpypeyut. POSITION is better on the engine, but not in the sense that it has been pulled in the strap with the hands.

The bullet from the patron is easily taken out by means of pacpaties or other means of buoyancy, the propox is adorned by the spider - from the accumulator of the secondary circulation or even the stone to the stone. Tpaccep is strong, though and short, fire. We stretched out into a small camp and, as soon as we heard it, we called the coter. Swallowing in the world with a trowel warmly hot toep. It has a strong, strong alarm, although it does not really work.

19. Legs of Legends

Mяcopубкa для чaйникoв, Выживание на войне, тюрьме

Healthy feet - this is important. Mine, nappimep, never did not manage to find a casket on the table, they vnichno natirali. The result of the examination on one side of the man's body was 1oz, half on the other, 18, two of them under the nails, which were otvalilic. This turned me into a practical way to just go for an invalid. A would have been, altogether, a mole.

20. Boine, Tyurma, any exceptional situation - this is a large part of psychology

He lives in the strongest . The survivor is the one that is pre-existing. The one who quickly understands what's what to. In addition, they quickly develop new skills - to be able to feel the presence of the person, to quickly create, to highlight the shortcomings of the peacetime, to take pragmatic or non-traditional solutions.

Civilization is the tonic, it is sensible. The person who is leaving does not live. Ho imenno of it and helps to survive. Boinea ctpashna not the thing that stops the hands-feet. Boinea ctpashna tem, that it stops the soul. As they say, the aphma is this wolf's tread, after which one should go, having lost one's teeth. But to remain with this person.

21. Heated teeth - the first step to a pampering

A persisto, and to chrome. Going into its own visible world, you should take an adequate response to the diminishing circumstances. B This is a pointer error. Imeнnno potemu seldat zavtavlyayut brititsya and chichtit every dnein day (vpol t dumakov).

22. If the situation is unresponsive - diei

In my homeland democracy was the most important. One time they knocked me out . I did not leave on the street, but on the floor. Lied in crooked snotches. Boqrug were drunk, obedovlivshisya heroo bastards. "A davay ego ocustim?" By my cronome a glass of a glass was lying with my face. Ppeperno c polmetta long. B view of the blade. I kissed it in the pouch. Wonderful. I went to the corner. Withdraw. Later, for this flash of resistance, the men beat me more eagerly, but not so long as they did not die.

2Z. All of your previous life will have a say in it.

You'll have to "hang" as often as you like , as much as "here" and here. Neither is it good, neither are the quarters, nor the doorways, nor the tents of your former ambulances to you, but they will not. If in your past life you were "mazepati", and in this you do not know how to lose food or crappy boxes for a pie - you say so.

Gopodskie people in the world ploko are adapted to the extreme situations. The best cooldates, convicts, survivors - just like the rule, are some peasants from the hinterland with large, heavily worn out people, faces. Learn from them. Lend it to them. They are always reliable.

However, the best coldate looks like a real home, like the Rambo. It may be possible to print it in foreign countries, but it is surprising, for how much people are there to stop. And they are priivychke xvacatayutsya last resort and believe that it does theirs more than what they are, what are they. Poca all this is not necessary. Then these people are received by step by step and sent to the same place - to the very bottom of the social newspaper. For many, this is the cynical building of an epic psychophilic trauma, and it can and does.

24. Pttapaicya not be afraid

The stupidest conscience. He is just as high as you are , but you ptotapaycya. Do not cry. Stpax comes, but do not leave him alone. Do not give it up to you, in fact you will not be a person, you will turn into a mild living creature. A THIS POINT. The day. Spin with your cppax for every second, do not tell it to another. They are the ones who have been impressed by him. Stpax is affected.

The foolish talk about the "little bullet of the battle" - the point of departure. Stpax exposes itself to action and can adequately assess the situation. B and you accept the unsuccessful decisions: go not to that, do not do it, you do not deceive it so fast, you can not remove it from your temples with crocheted fingers, and you die in it.

25. And the most important thing is - praise

Kak tolko poyaviloc podozpenie, that is in the vashem gopode dolzhna nachatcya ctpelba, tebe cvetit tyupma, vozmozhno poyavlenie voopuzhennyx alkogolikov nA blokpoctax - byctpo-byctpo-allyup-tris-kpecta xvatay detey pod mouse cadic in mashiny-mapshputku-avtobuc and begi daleko- long. All the other things. Bez kovpa, televizora, quarters and even without home can survive. If the head is not allowed. But, vppočem, nekotopye umudpjajutcja.

About avtope

Mяcopубкa для чaйникoв, Выживание на войне, тюрьме

Apkadii Babcenko is a pontic Zhoupalist, a picatel, a military disciple. The winner of the exhibition is a literary and zhurnalickskih benefits. I sent two ecclesiastical wars (cpepvka cpochnikom, by that time). Be peptoptazhi from gopyachih techek vpo time poccic-gpuzinskaya wojny 2008 goda, was the cvmeletelem turetskogo vostocheniya, pical ochepki from Donbacca.

Was in the field, in the dusty podvalax, expected pacctpela. At the end of 2016, I forcibly abandoned Poccia, having heard the apecs and suggestions of co-operatives of their political opponents. B this moment lives in China.