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Maternity without marriage

At 36 years old, Jane Matthes was faced with the same dilemma as the heroine of the Humoresque, who had migrated to the television screen several years ago. “My God, the woman exclaimed in despair, I forgot to have children!”
“I was completely absorbed in my professional activities,” recalls Matthes, a psychotherapist from New York, explaining his own “forgetfulness.”
She not only failed to notice that “everyone who wanted to marry got married”, she did not even hear the ticking of her own biological clock until they started knocking, like an explosive clock mechanism. “I naively believed that all possibilities will always exist. I did not realize that the possibilities of choice change and disappear. Suddenly, I discovered that one of them quickly disappears and, if I want to have children, I have to hurry. I could come to terms with not getting married, but the thought of being left without children was intolerable. ”
Now Matthes has a teenage son, whose father has ceased to be a part of her life. She founded a national support group of 1,000 members for women who had the courage to overcome social, legal, and emotional difficulties and chose to choose what others did not voluntarily, namely motherhood alone.
When, shortly after the birth of her son, Matthes founded the organization of “voluntary” single mothers with a center in New York, she did not know that it was an idea that was in the air. The ranks of modern mothers, “unmarried with children,” are growing, although there are still a few. The National Center for Medical Statistics reports that from 1980 to 1988, the number of children among unmarried white American women increased by 69%, with women over 25 years of age having the largest increase.

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