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Cartridges in the cut

Unitary cartridge. 2 - the sleeve combines into one: 1 - a projectile (bullet, canister or shot charge), 3 - gunpowder charge and 5 - primer-igniter.

Everybody wanted to cut their favorite thing and see what it was made of? The most interesting thing has always been in the forbidden, namely in the weapon. Here, for example, cartridges ... It turns out that they have a strikingly rich inner world, not like poets and intellectuals of all kinds. You did cut the poet in a biology class — what should you look at there ?! :) These bullets hit you in the heart, no one will leave them indifferent. Inside, military toys look so scary that you don't even know whether to love them or adore them.

The cartridge (unitary cartridge, lat. Unitas - “unity”) - ammunition for small arms and small-caliber (up to 76 mm) guns, which the weapon is charged in one step.

A unitary cartridge can be an artillery shot or a cartridge in which a projectile (bullet, shotgun or shotgun charge), a charge of gunpowder, an igniting element (primer-igniter) and, sometimes, additional elements are combined into one whole by means of a sleeve. The term “unitary cartridge” appeared in the 19th century — the primer, which was charged separately, did not enter into the design of the earlier cartridges.

Cartridges and Cartridges

Cartridges and Cartridges

Cartridges and Cartridges

Cut Cartridges

Cartridge caliber 5,56x45 mm

Cartridges in the section: Cartridge caliber 5,56x45 mm

A 5.56x45 mm caliber cartridge with a hard-alloy armor-piercing bullet and a copper pan to protect the bore of the weapon and improve its obturation.

Obturation - is to ensure the tightness of the barrel when fired.

If you remember, add 10 to your IQ and look further.

5.56x45 mm (.223 Remington) Experienced XM216 Cartridge

Cartridges in the section: Experienced cartridge XM216 caliber 5.56x45 mm (.223 Remington)

An experienced 5.56x45 mm (.223 Remington) XM216 cartridge with a subcaliber arrow-shaped bullet.

Such a high-speed arrow pierces the Kevlar armor, so the body armor will not save you - only the icon of the blessed Matron.

The company Frankford Arsenal released it for members of the American SPIW program - Springfield Armory and Winchester. 1965-1970

7.62x5.6mm Salvo Squeezebore special cartridge with three brass bullets

Cartridges in the section: Special cartridge 7.62x5.6 mm Salvo Squeezebore with three brass bullets

Special cartridge 7,62x5,6 mm Salvo Squeezebore with three brass bullets.

Designed for special weapons: the back of the barrel has a cylindrical rifled, and the front - conical, smooth.

In the rifled part, all three bullets move under the action of the powder gases as a whole, but in the conical section of the bullet they are compressed, while the rear ones are displaced from the front ones and fly out of the trunk already separately.

Due to the reduction of bullets, the caliber is indicated through a fraction, because at first the bullet has a caliber of 7.62 mm, and in the process of movement along the bore channel it decreases to 5.6 mm.

And such transformers were invented back in the 1970s!

Next on the list are training cartridges. As you know from the films with Schwarzenegger, the rifle combat bullet retains a destructive force at a distance of several kilometers. With a miss on the target or its penetration (guaranteed at a distance of training shooting at one hundred and fifty meters), the bullet can mess things up. To simplify the design of the galleries when training personnel use special cartridges with a destructible light bullet or reduced amount of gunpowder.

Training cartridge L14A1 for standard NATO caliber 7.62x54 mm (.308 Winchester)

Cross-section ammo: Training cartridge L14A1 for NATO standard caliber 7.62x54 mm (.308 Winchester)

Training cartridge L14A1 for the standard NATO caliber 7.62x54 mm (.308 Winchester) with a plastic sleeve and a plastic tracer bullet fitted with a light alloy base.

Available for the UK Army by the German company Dynamit Nobel AG. 1990s.

Training cartridge 7,92x57 Mauser

The cartridges in the cut: Training cartridge 7,92x57 Mauser

Training cartridge 7,92x57 Mauser.

The usual shell bullet, but instead of gunpowder in the sleeve is an inert substance.

Swedish training cartridge caliber 6.5x55 mm Swedish Mauser with a wooden bullet

Cross-section ammo: Swedish training cartridge, 6.5x55 mm, Swedish Mauser with a wooden bullet

Swedish training cartridge caliber 6.5x55 mm Swedish Mauser with a wooden bullet.


Special pistol cartridge Special Glaser 9 mm caliber

The cartridges in the section: Special pistol cartridge Special Glaser 9 mm caliber

Special pistol cartridge Special Glaser caliber 9 mm of the American company COR-BON / Glaser Ammunition. Controlled ballistic bullet consists of a plastic bow, a copper shell and shot filler.

Designed for special units to combat terrorism.

She can shoot, for example, in the cabin of the aircraft, without fear of a ricochet or hitting people behind the target, since the chamber through the body is excluded.

When hit, the bullet collapses, hitting an enemy not protected by a bulletproof vest with a sheaf of a fraction.

Flight attendants like it.

British pistol cartridge caliber 9x19 mm (Luger / Parabellum)

Cross-section ammo: British 9x19 mm pistol cartridge (Luger / Parabellum)

The most common British pistol cartridge caliber 9x19 mm (Luger / Parabellum).

Since it is not only important for the bullet to have a slaughter effect on the enemy, but also to stop, which becomes critical in melee combat, the calibers of pistols and revolvers usually make more rifle guns.

So, if for the general small arms there was even a caliber reduction from 7.62 to 5.6 mm, for example, for pistols and 9 mm there is no limit.

Shell bullet, copper "shirt" protects the lead bullet from deformation.

9x19 mm Wadcutter sighting pistol cartridge (Luger / Parabellum)

Cross-section ammo: Wadcutter 9x19 mm sighting pistol cartridge (Luger / Parabellum)

Sighting pistol cartridge Wadcutter 9x19 mm (Luger / Parabellum).

It has a brass bullet in the shape of a truncated cone with a notch, the sharp edges of which, when it hits the paper target, cuts through the edges of the hole to get a smooth and clean hole, which is not a shame for the wife to show.

9x17mm (.380 Browning) pistol cartridge

Cross-section cartridges: 9x17 mm pistol cartridge (.380 Browning)

9x17 mm (.380 Browning) pistol cartridge with tracer sighting bullet.

When hit the target gives a well-marked flash or a cloud of colored smoke.

Special pistol cartridge High Safety Ammunition 9x19 mm (Luger / Parabellum)

Cartridges in the section: Special pistol cartridge High Safety Ammunition 9x19 mm (Luger / Parabellum)

Special pistol cartridge High Safety Ammunition 9x19 mm (Luger / Parabellum).

Developed by the British company Cobra in the 90s of the last century.

Seven steel darts are poured into the soft plastic of the bullet (only three of them are visible on the section); for protection from premature destruction (before hitting the target) the bullet is covered with a copper sheath.

It refers to the type of bullets with controlled ballistics, again used by anti-terrorist detachments.

Darts pierce the enemy’s bullet-proof vest, diverging in his body and inflicting serious damage, but without the risk of breaking through and defeating people behind the criminal.

Special pistol cartridge Sky Marshall 9x19 mm (Luger / Parabellum)

Cross-section ammo: Sky Marshall 9x19mm special pistol cartridge (Luger / Parabellum)

9x19 mm Sky Marshall special pistol cartridge (Luger / Parabellum) for Israeli anti-terrorism intelligence services.

These harsh people will not shoot cheap fools at the enemy!

Destructible shell-free bullet made of polymer resin with steel balls.

The assignment is the same as that of the previous cartridge, but only if the enemy is without a bulletproof vest.

Revolver cartridge Speer Target caliber 9 mm

The cartridges in the section: Revolver cartridge Speer Target 9 mm caliber

9 mm caliber Speer Target revolver cartridge with plastic sleeve and plastic traumatic bullet.

Designed by the American company Speer for compact police short-barreled revolvers.

Pistol cartridge caliber 9x22 mm high energy

Cartridges in the section: Pistol cartridge caliber 9x22 mm high energy

9x22 mm pistol cartridge of increased energy with a semi-expansive bullet.

A bullet has a recess closed with a plastic fairing, which is needed in order to prevent the enemy from clogging the recess with fragments of fabric.

If the recess is clogged, the bullet will become normal and lose expansive properties.

And so the fairing after breaking through the clothes is crushed, contributing to the opening of the bullet.

Well, then everything happens the same way as we described before.

The fairing also increases the reliability of the supply of cartridges from the store, preventing them from skewing.

Developed by the Swiss company Sigarms in 1994.

9x19mm pistol cartridge (Luger / Parabellum)

The cartridges in the section: Pistol cartridge caliber 9x19 mm (Luger / Parabellum)

9x19mm pistol cartridge (Luger / Parabellum) with a semi-expansive bullet.

The most popular version of the equipment of police and civilian self-defense weapons in the United States.

It has a good stopping power.

76 mm caliber cartridge for combat smoothbore weapons

Cross-section ammunition: 76 mm caliber cartridge for combat smoothbore weapons

A 76 mm caliber cartridge for combat smoothbore weapons with several striking elements.

Thus, the problem of increasing the lesion area is solved.

It was thought up, probably, so that it was possible to shoot his eyes closed - at whom God would send.

This is true at all times.

The killing beauty of the cartridge in the lens of photographer Sabina Perlman

Sabina Perlman's photo project, called Ammunition, demonstrates an unusual view of bullets. Even if you are already faced with a firearm, you are unlikely to be lucky to see her like that. Each cartridge has its own unique design. The symmetry of the forms in combination with various types of charge makes every bullet a real work of art.

As Sabina herself says, the section allows you to see all the complexity and beauty of the form, along with the tremendous power of destruction. This shows the whole essence of man: to create beauty, and then to destroy it.

Currently, the photographer’s collection contains about 900 shots of various types of bullets.

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