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Married man

Another woman. These words give rise in imagination to images of half-naked beauties, femme fatal women, suffering single women who are patiently waiting for a silent phone to ring. These are all characters from melodramas, Jackie Collins novels and country music. But they have little relation to reality.
“Most of the“ other ”women are exactly the same as you and me,” says San Diego psychotherapist Jo Ann Bitner, Ph.D., who knows what he is saying. Dr. Bitner herself was once “another woman”; her life and her studies of group therapy with women in connection with married men a few years ago were the subject of a television film.
According to one of the specialists, in the future, a rare woman will have no connection with a married man for life.
There is evidence that in the United States, between 15 and 20 percent of all single women over 35 are in contact with a married man. This is about 11 million American women. Although these figures include a certain number of "busy" women, pure sexual relationships and female predators specializing in "catching" other people's husbands are not the norm, but the exception.
In life, the “norm” is much more normal than most people think. “Often, Dr. Bitner notes, these are women who have maintained friendly relations with men for many years, and this relationship turned into love just as it always happens when people come closer together.”

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