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Hormone. prep., their antagonists, used mainly in the treatment of cancer

In oncological practice, a number of hormonal drugs are used,
primarily androgens (see Preparations of male sex hormones -
Testosterone, etc.), estrogens (see. Preparations of female sex hormones -
Estron and others.), Corticosteroids (see. Preparations of the adrenal cortex -
Cortisone and others.). Recently, pre-
the inhibitory effects of estrogens (antiestrogens) and androgens (anti-
androgens). Some drugs (chloditan, aminoglutethimide) specifically
suppress adrenal secretion of glucocorticosteroids (cortisol).
These drugs are used mainly for hormone-dependent tumors.
Estrogens are prescribed when the suppression of action in the body of an-
rogens or increased activity of estrogens (with prostate cancer
PS). Androgens are used when an increase in androgen activity is indicated.
or a decrease in estrogen activity (with breast cancer, etc.).
For breast and uterine cancer, progestins are also used (oxyproges
Theron caproate, medroxyprogesterone acetate, megestrol acetate). When
decrease in glucocorticosteroid secretion is shown (in Itsenko’s disease -
Cushing, etc.), adrenal function blockers are used.
Glucocorticosteroids, in connection with their lympholytic effect and method
inhibit lymphocyte mitosis, used mainly in acute
leukemia (mainly in children) and malignant lymphomas.
According to the mechanism of action, hormonal drugs differ from cytotoxic
sic anticancer drugs. Their main role is restoration
impaired humoral regulation of cell function. However, it is possible
their specific effect on tumor cells is given: they are in a certain
degrees inhibit cell division and contribute to their differentiation. Est
hornes stimulate the formation of androgen binding globulin by the liver
and reducing the concentration of free, circulating testosterone; they are
5-Aa-reductase, i.e. reduce the conversion of testosterone to di
hydrotestosterone, which plays an important role in the development of the tumor process.
Estrogens inhibit the release of lutein- from the anterior pituitary gland
curing hormone, which leads to a decrease in the production of androgen test
An important role in the mechanism of antitumor action of hormones plays
their binding to receptors specific to them, the presence of which
found not only in normal target tissues, but also in some
The antitumor effect is given with appropriate hormone-dependent
tumors different estrogenic, androgenic and other hormonal drugs-
you. However, for practical use in oncology, a number of preparations have been selected.
with the most <beneficial> therapeutic and toxicological effects

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