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The procedure for introducing various fluids into the rectum for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes. Treatment enemas include cleansing, laxatives, nutrients (for the introduction of nutrients into the body of weakened patients) and medicinal. Diagnostic enemas are intended for the introduction of contrast agents into the intestines for the purpose of X-ray examination.
For enemas, they use either a pear-shaped rubber balloon (syringe) with a soft or hard tip, or an Esmarch mug (a special vessel with a capacity of 11.5 l) or a funnel, which are connected through a rubber tube with a tap to the tip inserted into the rectum. Cleansing and laxative enemas are prescribed by a doctor or an experienced paramedic; medicinal and nutritional enemas are prescribed only by a doctor.
Enema is contraindicated in acute inflammatory and ulcerative processes in the rectum, acute appendicitis, peritonitis, intestinal bleeding, bleeding hemorrhoids, decaying colon cancer, anal fissures, rectal prolapse, sharp pains during the procedure.

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