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Radiocontrast and some other diagnostic tools

For diagnostic purposes, it is often used some <ordinary> drugs. So, histamine is used to determine the secretory capacity of the stomach, trophaphene and histamine - for the diagnosis of pheochromocytoma, troventol - for the diagnosis of latent asthma, and nftolide - for the diagnosis of hypogonadism; previously, cytiton was used to diagnose blood flow velocity, sodium benzoate was used to diagnose the functional state of the kidneys, etc.
At present, radiopharmaceutical preparations, substances labeled with radioactive isotopes, are widely used as diagnostic agents.
Various immunological preparations (diagnostica) have been developed and used.
Diagnostic drugs of the latter groups have specific applications and are prescribed by special methods.
Traditionally, the number of drugs usually include a group of radiopaque agents and some other tools used for diagnostic purposes.
Group Radiocontrast and some other diagnostic tools include subgroups: