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Analyze investment projects - Schukin B.M.

B.M. Schukin


Lecture notes

Sch95 Analog Invest Projects: Abstract of lectures. - K .: MAUP, 2002. - 128 pp .: il. - Бібліогр .: с. 125

ISBN 966-608-137-7

Submission of abstract lecture of rozkrivaє zm_st methodical and practical bases of development and expertise of investment projects; complex ohopleyu theme of the analysu projects. Especially respect has been given to the power of the project, the analysis of the project, the process of management of the project and the solution to the project.

For example, outlining the search for a complex analogous design of a theoretical material.

For students of different schools, practices and practices, the robot is related to investors, young planners and others.

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