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Rubber - Elastic composite material based on vulcanized rubber with special additives.

Resorcinol - Meta-dioxybenzene, water-soluble crystals.

Rhodamine - Violet crystals, soluble in water, additionally alcohol.

Rozein - Aniline dye.

Mercury — Liquid silver-white metal, Toxic.

Nitric acid mercury - Mercury nitrate, exists as crystalline hydrate Hg2 (NO3) 2 * 2H2O. Water soluble crystals.

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Sabur - Aloe juice evaporated to dryness.

Soot Dutch - Brutal fine carbon product of insufficient combustion or thermal decomposition of carbon-containing compounds.

Salol - Mousol, salicylic acid phenyl ester, C13H10O3. The white crystalline powder, approximately insoluble in water, easily soluble in chloroform and ether.

Sandarak - Solid natural resin of plant origin.

Safflower - Aniline dye of scarlet color.

Safranin - Aniline dye of saffron-yellow color.

Burnt sugar - The product obtained by heating the sugar.

Milk sugar - Lactose, C12O22H11. Contained in the milk of mammals (1.8 - 7.6%)

Lead sugar - Lead acetate trihydrate, (CH3COO) 2Pb3H2O. The crystals are well soluble in water.

Lead - Soft, plastic bluish-gray metal.

Lead nitrate - Lead nitrate , Pb (NO3) 2. Water soluble crystals.

Lead sulphurous - Lead sulphide, PbS. Black water-insoluble crystals.

Carbonate Lead - Lead Carbonate, PbCO3. Snow-white water-insoluble crystals.

Lead acetate - See lead sugar.

Saltpeter - The collective name of nitrates (nitrate salts) of some metals. Soluble in water.

Sepia (paint) - Light brown ink from the sepia mollusk inkbag.

Sulfur - Lemon yellow crystals.

Sulfur sediment - Native sulfur found in sedimentary sulfur ores.

Sulfur chloride - Sulfur chloride S2Cl2. Greenish yellow liquid with a pungent odor.

Silver - Soft metal of snow-white color.

Silver nitrate - Silver nitrate, AgNO3. Colorless crystals, soluble in water.

Silver Sulfur - Silver Sulphide, Ag2S. Insoluble in water.

Silver chloride - Silver chloride , AgCl. White crystals, insoluble in water.

Hydrogen sulfide - H2S, gas with the smell of rotten eggs. Poisonous.

Carbon disulfide - CS2, a liquid that hydrolyzes with water.

Dryer - Catalyst for the oxidation of unsaturated vegetable oils. Often, heavy metal soaps.

Silicate - Salt of silicic acid.

Sodium silicate - Sodium silicate , Na2SiO3. Water soluble crystals.

Turpentine - A mixture of hydrocarbons of plant origin. Colorless or yellowish liquid with a resinous odor.

Ammonia resin - A solution of ammonia is also other compounds in water, formed during the coking of coal.

Resin Dollar - Resin natural start.

Wood resin - Resin formed during thermal decomposition of wood.

Coal tar - A resinous substance derived from coal.

Copal resin - See copal.

Pittled benign resin - Pitch obtained from a dewed incense.

Pine resin - Product of dry distillation of pine wood.

Black tar - See Peck.

Resin "Elemi" - Natural fragrant raw materials.

Soda - See Sodium Bicarbonate.

Soda Ash - Calcium Carbonate, CaCO3. White hygroscopic powder.

Caustic soda - See sodium caustic.

Nitrogen-bismuth salt - See bismuth nitrate.

Nitric silver salt - See silver nitrate.

Glauber's salt - Sodium sulfate decahydrate (Na2SO4 * 10H2O). Water soluble crystals.

Salt is two - carbonate - See sodium bicarbonate.

Salt - See Sodium Chloride.

Sulfur barium salt - See barium sulphate.

Coal salt - See potash.

Carbonate salt - Sodium carbonate, Na2CO3. Water soluble crystals.

Acetic acid salt - See acetic acid copper.

Acetic acid salt - Sodium acetate, sodium acetate, CH3COONa. Water soluble crystals.

Phosphorous sodium salt - Sodium phosphate, Na3PO4. Water soluble crystals.

Salt chloride - See sodium chloride.

Chromic salt - See potassium dichromate.

Spermaceti - Lamellar wax-like crystals, obtained from the sperm cell of the sperm whale head,

Alcohol - ethyl alcohol, wine alcohol, ethanol (C2H5OH).

Wood alcohol - Methanol, methyl alcohol, CH3OH. Clear liquid with alcohol odor. Poisonous.

Camphor alcohol - Alcohol solution of camphor.

Strong ammonia - See ammonia.

Ammonia alcohol - Aqueous solution of ammonia in water. Liquid with a strong odor of ammonia.

Petroleum alcohol - A mixture of liquid hydrocarbons with a boiling point of 40-100 ° C, obtained from oil.

Stearin - A mixture of substances based on stearic acid, including other fatty acids. Solid, fatty product.

Liquid glass - A solution of sodium silicate in water, a viscous liquid.

Styrax - Resin, released when the witch hazel family trees were injured. Thick gray-brown opaque liquid, soluble in alcohol, insoluble in water.

Sulfur Strontium - Strontium Sulfide, SrS. Crystals hydrolyzing when dissolved in water.

Strontium carbonate - Strontium carbonate, SrCO3. Poorly soluble crystals.

Sudan Red (Sudanrot) - Aniline dye.

Sublimate - Mercury Dichloride, HgCl2. Crystals, poorly soluble in cold, better in hot water.

Iron Minium - Natural material consisting of iron oxide Fe2O3, clay and quartz.

Minium lead - Triscite tetraoxide, Pb3O4. Orange-red water-insoluble crystals.

Antimony trichloride - Antimony Trichloride, SbCl3. Water soluble crystals.

Antimony chloride - Antimony Pentachloride, SbCl5. Heavy liquid, soluble in water.

Milk serum - Liquid formed during the souring of milk.