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Glossary of terms

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Malachite green (aniline dye) - A dye of green color.

Anise oil - Oil obtained from anise fruit of the genus of annual herbs of the umbelliferous family.

Bergamot oil - Oil obtained from leaves, flowers and also bergamot-evergreen tree of the family of rut.

Birch Oil - Oil obtained from birch buds by distillation with water vapor.

Oil vaseline - Oily transparent mass without smell and taste. The product of oil refining.

Oil clove - Essential oil, obtained from green as well as wood cloves. Yellow liquid with the smell of carnation.

Oil bitter-almond - Oil obtained from the fruits of bitter almonds.

Oil of wood - The lowest grade of olive oil.

Cocoa butter - Oil obtained from cocoa beans.

Camphor oil - Oil derived from camphor logs.

Rope oil - Essential oil obtained by a stripping route with steam from fresh flowers of the wild tree Canangium adoratum (Jawa Island).

Oil rosin - Oil obtained from the resin pine-rosin.

Castor oil - Vegetable oil obtained from castor seeds.

Coconut oil - Vegetable oil obtained from the spray-dried coconut tissue.

Hemp oil - Vegetable oil obtained from cannabis seeds.

Cinnamon Oil - Essential oil of dark brown color with a taste of cinnamon is also a clove obtained from the crushed bark of young branches of the bush Cinnamomum zeylanicum Nees (southern regions of India, Sri Lanka).

Rubber oil - A solution of rubber in turpentine oil.

Lavender oil - Essential oil obtained from inflorescences of lavender. Colorless substance with the smell of lavender.

Lemon oil - Oil obtained from the peel of lemons.

Linalool oil - Synthetic fragrant with a lily of the valley smell.

Flaxseed oil - Oil obtained from flax seeds.

Almond oil - Vegetable oil, obtained from almond seeds.

Mineral oil - Product of direct distillation of oil (boiling point> 350 ° С).

Juniper oil - Vegetable oil, obtained from juniper shoots.

Mint oil - Vegetable oil obtained from peppermint.

Non - saline oil - Essential oil, obtained from the colors of Citrus auranthium var amara orange, etc., only also sweet orange C. sinensis by distillation with steam.

Olive oil - Vegetable oil obtained from the pulp of olives.

Patchouli oil - Vegetable oil obtained from the green mass of patchouli-semishrub of the family of labial flowers.

Fir oil - Oil obtained from pine needles also fir branches.

Orange oil - Oil obtained from leaves also of young shoots of various kinds of oranges.

Butter olive oil - See olive oil.

Rape oil - Vegetable oil obtained from rape seeds.

Repinoe oil - Oil obtained from turnip.

Ricin oil - See castor oil.

Rosemary oil - Essential oil, obtained from the semishrub of the rosemary family of labiate.

Oil pink-geranium - Oil, obtained from flowers of different varieties of ethereal-oil roses.

Rose oil - Essential oil, obtained from the petals of roses.

Oil resin - Oil obtained by distilling cheap resins of coniferous trees.

Pine oil - Vegetable oil obtained from young pine needles.

Rape oil - Vegetable oil, obtained from the seeds of tussel.

Oil antimony - See antimony chloride.

Turpentine oil - See turpentine.

Citronella oil - Natural fragrant raw material from sorghum citronella with a spicy honey smell.

Eucalyptus oil - Essential oil from leaves also of young eucalyptus branches.

Essential oil - Volatile fluids of plant origin, having a sophisticated composition.

Mastic - A resin obtained from a mastic tree of the genus pistachio.

Copper - Scarlet metal.

Copper nitrate - copper nitrate, exists in the form of hexahydrate Cu (NO3) 2 * 6H2O. Blue crystals, readily soluble in water.

Copper dichloride - Copper chloride CuCl2. Brown-yellow crystals, soluble in water.

Copper is oleic acid - copper oleate. Pasty brown substance, insoluble in water.

Copper sulfate - Copper sulfate CuSO4. In the anhydrous form, a snow-white crystalline substance. See similar copper sulfate.

Copper carbonate - Copper carbonate CuCO3. Water insoluble crystalline substance.

Copper acetate - copper acetate, exists in the form of monohydrate (CH3COO) 2Cu * H2O. Greenish-blue crystals, soluble in water.

Copper chloride - Copper chloride CuCl. Poorly water soluble crystals.

Chalk - Fine-grained soft limestone - calcium carbonate (calcium carbonate) CaCO3.

Mellilol - Synthetic fragrance.

Menthol - A crystalline fragrance emitted from mint oil.

Mirra - Aromatic resin obtained from tropical trees.

Lime milk - Suspension of calcium hydroxide Ca (OH) 2 in water.

Marble - A rock formed as a result of the recrystallization of limestones and dolomites.

Mummy (paint) - A scarlet natural iron oxide pigment with an iron oxide content of Fe2O3 from 20 to 70%.

Musk - A fragrant product of an animal or vegetable origin.

Musk artificial - Collective name of many synthetic substances with a musky smell.

Soap aluminum (alumina) - Dried mash of aqueous solutions of alum and soap.

Green soap - Disinfectant, obtained by treating vegetable oils with a solution of caustic potassium.

Potassium soap - See soap is green.

Castor soap - Soap, prepared on the basis of castor oil.

Soap is a sound - Soap, derived from the core fats of vegetable also of synthetic origin.