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Sulfur dioxide - Sulfur dioxide (SO2). Gas with a pungent odor, soluble in water. Poisonous.

Carbon dioxide - Carbon dioxide (CO2) A colorless, odorless gas.

Clove - The family of herbs is also a semi-shrub of the family of cloves.

Heliotropin - Aromatic aldehyde contained in the heliotrope colors.

Geranyl acetate is a tricky ether used in perfumery.

Geraniol - A fragrance contained in geranium oil (rose scent).

Hyacinthin - Viscous liquid with the smell of hyacinth.

Hydroquinone - A crystalline substance (dioxybenzene), soluble in water and alcohol.

Hyposulphite - See sodium sulphate.

Gypsum - One of the calcium hydrates of calcium sulfate (CaSO4 * 2H2O). White mass or crystals, poorly soluble in water.

Lead Litter - Red Lead Oxide Modification (PbO)

Clay - Plastic sedimentary rock containing oxides of silicon, aluminum plus other elements, but water is similar.

Clay felt - A substance of mineral origin, consisting of silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide and a number of other oxides. Used as a filler as a stabilizer in the production of rubber, paper, fabrics.

Glycerin - Triatomic alcohol (C3H8O3) Viscous liquid, soluble in water.

Mustard is a family of single plus perennial cruciferous herbs. The seeds contain mustard oil.

Graphite - Allotropic modification of carbon. Gray-black substance with a metallic sheen.

Gum arabic - Viscous clear liquid secreted by certain types of acacia. When dissolved in water forms a sticky solution.

Gummigut - Condensed milky sap of some trees of the family klyuzievyh.

Gummillak - Varnish derived from gummiguta.

Gutta Percha - Cruel skin-like latex coagulation product.

Artificial Gutta Percha - Artificially derived product based on trans-polyisoprene.