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Glossary of terms


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Ozokerite - Mineral from the group of bitumens.

Iron oxide - Iron oxide (II), FeO. Insoluble in water.

Copper oxide - Copper oxide, CuO. Black insoluble in water.

Tin oxide - Snag oxide, SnO. Black insoluble in water crystals.

Zinc oxide - Zinc oxide, ZnO. Snow-white insoluble in water crystals.

Olein - Technical oleic acid.

Olifa - Transparent film-forming substances based on vegetable oils.

Tin - Soft silvery white metal.

The tin is disulfide (SnS2). Golden-yellow crystals, insoluble in water. Pigment, imitating the "golden" paint.

Tin dichloride - Tin dichloride (SnCl2). Soluble in water crystals.

Tin Acetic Acid - Tin Acetate.

Tin chloride - SnCl2, stannous chloride (II). Crystals of a snow-white color, soluble in water.

Tin tetrachloride - Tin tetrachloride , SnCl4. Air-breathing liquid, soluble in water. Walnut nutmeg - 222. Aromatic seeds of muscatel.

Nutty ink - Pathological proliferation on plants caused by viruses.

Ocher - A natural yellow pigment consisting of iron hydroxides also clay.

Ocher golden - A kind of ocher golden color.

Ocher red - View of ocher (see ocher),