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- F -

Fibrin - Protein derived from fibrinogen. Causes blood clotting.

Formalin - Formaldehyde (formic aldehyde) solution CH2O. Liquid with a characteristic odor. Formaldehyde - 256. See formalin.

Fuchsin - Bright red triarylmethane dye.

- X -

Henna (henna) - Red-yellow paint, obtained from the leaves of lavsonia shrubs.

Sulphate quinine - The sulfate salt of quinine is an alkaloid of the quinine tree.

Quinozole - Crystals, easily soluble in water.

Chloral hydrate - C2H3O2Cl3. Water soluble crystals.

Ammonium chloroplatinate - There are ammonium chloroplatinates of a pair of compounds: (NH4) 2 [PtCl6} and (NH4) 2lPtCl4} (yellow crystals and red crystals, respectively).

Chlorophyll - Derivative of the porphyrin complex of magnesium. Pigment of photosynthetic plants responsible for photosynthesis.

Chloroform - Trichloromethane, CHCl3. Liquid with a characteristic odor, badly mixed with water.

Chrome yellow (paint) - lead chromate based paint, PbClO4.

Chrome green (paint) - Paint based on chromium oxide Cr2O3.

Chrome - See Potassium Dvukhromovokisly.

- C -

Color nutmeg - Spice derived from the fruit of nutmeg tree (nutmeg).

Sulfur color - Fine powder obtained by cooling sulfur vapor during its distillation.

Celluloid - Thermoplastic polymer based on cellulose nitrate.

Cellulose - A polysaccharide of the composition [C6H7O2 (OH) 3] n (cellulose). White fibrous material, insoluble in water.

Portland cement - Binder, consisting mainly of calcium silicates, also obtained by joint fine grinding of clinker and gypsum. .

Ceresin - Mashnina of saturated C36 C55 hydrocarbons. White or brown waxy substance, water-insoluble also alcohol.

Ceresin yellow - See ceresin.

Zinc - Silver white metal.

Zinc chloride - Zinc chloride , ZnCl2. The crystals are well soluble in water.