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Glossary of terms

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For the preparation of liquid adhesives, we recommend the method consisting of the following: 235 g of chloral hydrate is dissolved in one liter of water, 400 g of ordinary white glue are also added. Then the mixture can stand for a couple of days, after which the liquid glue is ready for use.

To prepare a liquid fish glue, 100 parts of a good fish glue are dissolved in 125 parts of acetic acid, then, by dissolving gelatin ( 20 gelatin elements per 125 water elements) in warm water, mix together both solutions, add gradually to the mixture, stirring non-stop, 20 parts by weight shellac is also ready for use.

As for the glue especially for repair of bicycle tires, external or internal, the following composition is recommended: unfrozen on low heat (best in a water bath) 52 g shellac is also the same amount of gutta percha; at which time the two substances completely melt, add, with constant also thorough stirring, 6 g of iron bitches also the same number of sulfur, previously similar to molten. It turns out a thick mishmash, which is always heated before use. This composition firmly bonds rubber elements.