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This adhesive is the chosen compound for gluing objects exposed to water.

He makes preparations as follows: 5 weight elements of a good wood glue are dissolved over low heat in 10 weight parts of water. A solution of chromium (potassium bicromic acid) is also added to it, for which 1 fraction of bromide is dissolved in 5 parts of water. Carefully mixed solutions are poured into a tin, which allows the whole mass to cool. Before use, they dissolve a certain amount of it in a water bath and also in a hot form cover evenly with a thin layer the parts to be glued, after which they are pressed with a vice, they are also exposed for several hours to light. Under the action of light, the glue bonded to the chrompeak loses its ability to dissolve in water, so that objects glued together with such glue do not fear water at all.