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Glossary of terms

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This glue is the chosen compound for gluing objects exposed to water.

He makes the preparations in the following way: 5 weight elements of good carpentry glue are dissolved on low heat in 10 parts by weight of water, also a solution of hrompik (potassium dichromate) is added to it, for which 1 part of the chrome peach is dissolved beforehand in 5 parts of water. Carefully mixed solutions merge into a tin, which allows the whole mass to cool. Before use, some of it is dissolved in a steam bath and also hotly covered with an evenly thin layer of the parts to be glued, after which they are pressed down with clamps and exposed for several hours to light. Under the influence of light, the glue attached to the chrome can lose its ability to dissolve in water, so that objects glued together with such glue do not at all fear water.