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Glossary of terms

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Glue marble can be the following composition: four elements of gypsum and one share of gum arabic in powder thoroughly mixed. Then add a strong solution of borax in cold water until a test is obtained. The joined elements are spread over this putty, tightly compressed and also left to dry in a cool dry place for 5-6 days .

Another means of gluing marble: mixing two elements of wax and one piece of rubber with a double parts of the crushed marble powder is also heated on fire. Marble when bonded must be completely dry. The outer slits are covered with additional alabaster, which is grown into a gruel with glue water. If the marble is gray, then in exchange for the alabaster they take the slate, scarlet also the dark marble greases with ocher. Finally, the entire surface is polished with a very fine pumice or trefoil .