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Glossary of terms

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Syndetikon glue - is used for gluing wood also gluing various materials to it.

Composition of the glue (in grams per liter of water): dry joiner glue - 200 , sugar - 200 , slaked lime - 70 . Dissolve sugar in the water, then lime is also heated on low heat until a clear liquid is obtained. The solution is also filtered by crushing the carbide glue into it. Within a day the glue can be allowed to swell, but then it is dissolved in the kleevarke in a "water bath". In closed glassware glue can last a long time, without losing its properties.

When adding finely sifted ash or dry chalk to the glue, a good putty paste is obtained.

Liquid adhesive "Syndeticon"

Dissolve 5 elements of fish glue in 6 parts of concentrated acetic acid, add a solution of 1 gelatin elements in 1 part of water and also, finally, mix a solution of shellac in the drill.