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Quenching steel

As you know, they began to use the special quenching route for such hardness that it would cut glass like a diamond. But not everyone knows that there is a very unsophisticated way to make steel such hardness. Awl, knife blade or other weapon become heated white hot and immediately immersed in ordinary sealing wax for one second. This operation is repeated continuously, choosing a fresh room in sealing wax each time for immersion, until the steel cools down in any way and no longer enters sealing wax. At that time, the hardening process is considered complete. It remains to remove the adhering particles of wax. When using an edge hardened in such a way or blades of steel, it is recommended to moisten them with turpentine each time.

Method of softening ductile iron

With some fine work, as if, for example, artistic and metalworking, it is extremely desirable that ductile iron be distinguished by the greatest softness. As a consequence, the subsequent iron treatment means deserves care. The iron is heated red hot and cooled in a liquid green soap. Then again heated red hot plus immersed in a lime powder, in which place also allow it to cool completely. Iron, thus treated, with high ductility, acquires at the same time also the greatest softness.

Forging for forge forges

The following composition is recommended:

  • 20 pieces of fireclay, 20 elements of cast iron shavings,

  • 1 part of salt, 0.5 parts of ammonium chloride. Stir in
    dry also moistened with water so as to form a plastic mass.

Soldering Cast Iron Grates

Prepare a mass of 6 g of sulfur powder, 6 g of lead bleached powder, 1 g of borax powder plus moistened with concentrated sulfuric acid. This mass is covered with a thin layer of the fracture room is also strongly pressed together by squeezing with wire. In this form, soldered elements remain around five days, after which the wire is removed. If the elements were well-fitted, then not the slightest trace of the spike is noticed.

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