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Winding wires on toroidal cores requires special adaptation is also quite laborious. The proposed tool greatly simplifies also facilitates the manufacture of inductor coils on ferrite toroidal cores. First of all, you should make a paper ring of thick paper, impregnated with paraffin. To do this, cut a strip of paper length of 200 mm, a width of 2-2.5 mm is also folded in half along the entire length to obtain a groove. Then this strip is passed inside the ferrite ring and glued together so that a paper ring is formed.

Technology of winding toroidal coils

For a future winding measure a piece of wire, wind on a paper ring, fixing the end of the wire in the hole made in the paper ring. Wire turns impregnate with paraffin also remove the paper ring. Later this is allowed to start winding the wire on the ferrite core as if it is shown in Fig. 1. Such winding means is convenient in that it alienates the possibility of winding an impressive number of turns without damaging the insulation of the wire.