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Collection of ways of making also secrets of technology for all occasions

Glossary of terms

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Method one: remove blue (violet, red, green) paste, ink, stamp mastic.

It is necessary to prepare a steam solution:

1. In the distilled water (50 ml) at a temperature of 20-30 ° C, add potassium permanganate (3-10 g) in small portions, and stir until the solution is completely filled. Later, as if the solution is saturated, another portion of potassium permanganate is not dissolved, glacial acetic acid (50 ml) is added. The solution during storage hastily loses its activity. Makes preparations immediately before use.

2. Add 1-2 tablets of hydroperite to distilled water (100 ml) at a temperature of 20-30 ° C. Application: a thin cotton swab on a glass stick or a match with a light touch causes a solution of No. 1 to be removed from the center. DO NOT LOSE . Within 10-15 seconds . decoration can be repeated. The spot from solution No. 1 is decolorized by solution No. 2 .

Another way: remove black paste, ink, stamp mastic. The difference from the main recipe is that beforehand a cotton swab dipped in alcohol is removed from the main black layer, but then acts as if also in the main recipe. If you use a method on paper that has a colored protective mesh or lettering inks of all colors other than black, in some cases, the color of the dyes may change. It is recommended to perform preliminary tests in a small area.

Way the third. Sodium sulfite or any other substance containing an SO3 ion must be mixed with water. The gas that escapes with a sharp undesirable odor gives the leaf a primordial whiteness.