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Plasma substituting and detoxification solutions

To replace plasma in acute blood loss, shock of various causes
walking, microcirculation disorders, intoxication and other processes,
associated with changes in hemodynamics, often used the so-called plasma
mozameshady solutions. Sometimes they are also called blood substitutes. One
ko, these drugs do not perform the function of blood because they do not contain any form
blood elements (if they are not specifically added). They are also not
sources of energy reserves (unless specifically addressed to them
energy substances added - glucose, amino acids, etc.).
According to functional properties and purpose, plasma-substituting solutions
divided into a number of groups: a) hemodynamic; b) detoxification; c) regulation
Water-salt and acid-base balancers.
Hemodynamic preparations are primarily intended for the treatment and
prevention of shock of various origins, normalization of arterial
pressure and overall improvement in hemodynamic parameters. They have
a relatively large molecular weight close to that of al-
blood bumin, and when injected into the bloodstream, circulate long enough
in the bloodstream, maintaining blood pressure at the required level.
The main representative of this group is polyglukin.
Polyglucin is one of plasma substitutes containing solution
Glucose Glucose - Dextran. Dextran may have varying degrees of polymeric
horizons and, respectively, different molecular weight; of it may be
blood-substituting (plasma-substituting) solutions of different
functional purpose.
Solutions containing dextran with a relative molecular weight of about
60,000, are used as hemodynamic agents, and with a smaller molecule
with a polar mass (30 000 - 40 000) - as detoxification products. Afterbirth-
They contribute to the restoration of blood flow in small capillaries, reduce
aggregation of blood corpuscles. When injected into the bloodstream, they increase
the process of moving fluid from the tissues into the bloodstream increases diarrhea
rez and, being allocated with kidneys, promote processes of detoxification. Represented
the body of detoxification solutions containing dextran is the reopoly-
glukin. As detoxification and hemodynamic agents along with
other substances with relatively
high polymer mass (polyvinylpyrrolidone, polyvinyl alcohol,
Tin and others.).
Widespread use as detoxification solutions, as well as
solutions used for the regulation of water-salt and acid-base
equilibrium, have isotonic solution of sodium chloride and other salt