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Examination of goods - Kolomієts T.M.

Kolomієts T.M., Pritulska N.V., Romanenko O.L. Examination of goods : Підручник. - K .: KNTEU, 2001 .-- 274 p.

Significant respect is attached to the technology supply, the examination with differentiation for the examination of the ability, the performance for the most specific signs, the documentation of their results, and the presentation of the above standards have been submitted.

The instructor was instructed about the development of goods and the expertise of foreign chambers of commerce and industry.

Occasionally, because of arrogant problems this year, one of them is one of a kind and one is of low quality, one is always the most important, and apart from that, there are different types of products.

Special offers of trade in new forms of responsibility to assess the availability, resale of goods, their compliance with standards, norms, the law, the recognition of the fraudulent, commercial and non-standard; advise purchasers, pour on the doorstep of a huge thought about singing goods on the market, revolve around the knowledge about their temple; click on the real help I can help you with the vibration of the product, privately formulate and secure the hassle of the current living authorities of the goods. Zdіsniti tse without knowledge about the power of goods, expert examination of their merits is impotent. At present, there is an expert function of commodity knowledge, as well as wider scope, except for trading, in the field of standardization, certification, zashistiv rights, right now, I’m just right.


Rozdil 1. Conceptual ambush expert examination of goods
1.1. Understanding and terminology of commodity expertise
1.2. Organize, optimize, carry out commodity expertise
1.3. Rights and Expert Examination
1.4. See the expertise
Rozlil 2. The role and functions of chambers of commerce and industry in the form of international trade
2.1. Special functions of chambers of commerce and industry
2.2. International Organizing Chambers of Commerce
2.3. Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine and the CIS SND
Rozdil 3. Інформаційні Hook up an expert examination of goods
3.1. Understanding and seeing information about the product
3.2. Merchandise documents
3.3. Markuvannya goods_v
Trading Markuvannya
Markuwann structure
3.4. Information signs
Understanding and seeing signs
Rights that zahist rights to signs
Signs naymenuvannya mіstsya resembling goods
Signs of the country resembling goods
Signs vіdpovіdnostі abo yakostі
Barcode coduvannya
Barcode Evolution
Advanced Bar Code Systems
International Bagatogaluzevsky standard of transport numbering 88СС
Vimogi before applying barcode
Component Signs
Rosmіrnі signs
Exploitation Signs
Manila signs
Front signs
Ecological signs
Excise markuvannya goods_v
Rules for the Marking of Alcoholic Drinks and Tyutyunov Virobiv
Realization of abnormal confiscation of alcoholic beverages and tyutyunovyh virobiv
Rozdil 4. Organization of the examination of goods
4.1. Preparing etap
4.2. Main stage
4.3. Closing step
The procedure for the formation of the examination certificate
Typical pardons during the examination
Rozdil 5. Technology of expert examination of goods
5.1. Expertise kіlkostі
Legal basis of expert examination
Examination of goods with packaged packaging
The rules of the examination kіlkostі pіd hour acceptance of goods
5.2. Examination of Yakostі
Rules for conducting preliminary examination for yakіstyu
5.3. Assortment examination
5.4. Documentary examination
5.5. Comprehensive examination
Rozdil 6. Gіgіnіchna, sanitary, veterinary and environmental expert examination of goods
6.1. Гігієнічна expert examination
6.2 Sanitary examination
6.3.Veterinary examination
6.4. Ecological expertise
Rozdil 7. Tovarnoznavcha ship examination of goods
Rozdil 8. Identification and falsification of goods
8.1. Identification of goods
8.2. See that forgeries falsified goods
8.3. The State Regulatory Regulatory Standards and Security Products and Food Products of Syrovini
8.3.1. The order of import of import grub products and food syrovini to Ukraine
8.4. Vidovnalnost virobnik_v and sellers about the protection of properly ordered goods