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Examination tovary_v - Kolom_єts T.M.

Kolomi Т.ts TM, Pritulska N.V., Romanenko O.L. Examination of goods : Pіdruchnik . - K .: KNTEU, 2001. - 274 p.

Significant respect has been given to the technology conducted by the experts for the examination of expertise, quality, characterization, documentary design of their results, filed with the marketed article, which was given the message.

A pioneer has been given a testimony about the fairness of the examination of goods, the number of foreign trade and industrial chambers.

Vyhodyachi іz Nagalnyh problems sodozhennya, one of the yakyh pіdrobka that znizhennya yakostі goods_v, і vіdpіnіdno to tsygo zrostannya value of goodstoznavko ек ekspertizi, in the razdimi zrostannya value of goodstoznavko ек ekspertizi, in the rozdіnrostnnya the value of goodstoznachko pertistizi, in the rozdіnіnnogo znachlennaya tovaryoznavko ек ekspertizi, in the razdimi zrostannya goods trademark research, examining, for example, on the way of the world, for the area

Specialization of trade in new forms of responsibility for the company, as well as of perevari goods, in accordance with standards, norms, rules of law, in a special partnership, fordor-falsifikat, for a saint-sur. consult with customers, join in on the trunk of a duo from the market, focus on knowledge of their temper; Nadavat real help sposhiivachevі u viborі product, privіntivno formulyuvati and zapepechuvati zozhestvennya soschasnih sposhivchikh powerlivosti tovarіv. Health care without knowledge about the performance of goods, examination of their knowledge is unwelcome. On syogodnі_expertna funktsіya commodity, a yak pokiryuvatimetsya, krіm torgіvlі, on the scope of standardization, certifikatsіj, zakhistu human rights spozhivachіv, mitnu spravosho є є naaktualnі іshoyu.


Rozdіl 1. Conceptual_ ambush expert examinations of goods
1.1. Understand the term product expert examinations
1.2. Organized, upovnovzhenzhen_ conduct commodity research experts
1.3. Rights and Obligations Expert
1.4. See the expertise
Created 2. The role and functions of the chambers of commerce and industry in the form of international trade
2.1. Peculiarities of the functions of the commercial and industrial chambers near the town of
2.2. International Organizations of Chambers of Commerce
2.3. Trade and Industrial Chamber of Ukraine and the United Kingdom
Rozdil 3. Іnformatsіyn_ part expert examinations of goods
3.1. Understand that information about the product
3.2. Product docs
3.3. Markuvannya goods
Trade Markouvannya
Structure of marquwan
3.4. Information Signs
Understand that sign
Rights that rights rights to signs
Signs naymenuvannya m_stsya hodzhenzhenny goods
Signs of krai nakhozhenny goods
Signs of the road
Barcode stroke
Evolution of a bar code
Modern barcode systems
International Bagatogaluzeviy standard of transport numbers 88SS
Wimogues before applied bar code
Component signs
Rose Marks
Operational signs
Manuli signs
Transitional signs
Ecological signs
Excise markuvannya goods
Markukuvannya rules of alcoholic beverages and tyutyunov virobov
Realization abo znischennya konfіskovanyh alcoholic beverages and tyutyunovy virobіv
Rozdіl 4. Organizatsiya held expert examination goods
4.1. The preparation step
4.2. Main stage
4.3. Final Stage
The procedure of folding the act of expertise
Typical pomilki when held expert
Rozdil 5. Technology conducted by expert examination of goods
5.1. Examination kіlkostі
The legal framework conducted by the expert examination
Examination of goods in fixed packaging
Rules held by experts kіlkostі pіd hour priymannya goods
5.2. Examination yakostі
Rules held at the forefront of expertise for yakistyu
5.3. Assortment Examination
5.4. Documentary examination
5.5. Complex expert examination
Rozdil 6. Gіgієnіchna, sanіtarna, veterinary and ecologic examination of goods
6.1. Hygiene Expertise
6.2 Sanitary examination
6.3. Veterinary Examination
6.4. Ecological examination
Rozdil 7. Tovaroznodvcha ship expertise tovarov_v
8.1. Ідентифікація товарів
8.2. See that counterfeit counterfeit goods
8.3. The state of affairs of regulation of the leg and the safety of food products and foodstuffs
8.3.1. The order of import of food and food products and food products to Ukraine
8.4. Відповідальність виробників that prodltsіv about zapepechennya nalezno ї yakostі goods_v