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Financial restructuring in Ukraine: problems and straightforward - Fedosov V., Oparin V.

Fedosov V., Oparin V., Lvov S.

F 33 Financial restructuring in Ukraine: problems and direct: Monograph / For Sciences. ed. V. Fedosova. - K .: KNEU, 2002 .-- 387 p.

ISBN 966–574–443–7

The monographs reach directly and ambush financial restructuring in Ukraine during the transition to the market economy period. It is puzzled with a positivism of zavdan of transformational processes of increase and results of reforms in the real and financial sectors of the economy and in the sphere of the sovereign financial statehood. We have comprehensively analyzed the process of restructuring the financial system and problems and the most important hats for their cooperation on the basis of financial strategy and tactics, which are based on the patronage of long-term free time.

A characteristic oznachennuyu є є п complex pіdkhіd to financial policies of the state, so as to become aware of the close coordination of the two in direct tension. Characterized by interchange and inter-order of fiscal and monetary, budgetary, income-related, trade and lower warehouse financial policies. It has been taught that it is not possible to reform the environment of the financial system without the need for greater integration in the latter.

In the process, the financial potential of Ukraine, the structure of the financial resources of the resource and the potential of the increase of benefits and the protection of the effective state of Ukraine have been identified. Visited officials of the electoral promotion of unlimited access to resources, as well as non-regional victories.

The following is the secure distribution of financial systems for a whole range of assets, arrears and direct restructuring of financial processes in financial institutions, bank systems, and stock insurance. An analysis was made of the linkage of these processes with the reform of budgetary and subsidiary systems and the need for direct and integrated financial system of Ukraine at the international financial space.

The monograph has been distributed to the government of the sovereign authority and management, to the financial sector and to the spheres of the state finance, science, education and students of major mortgages.

BBK 65.261

© V. Fedosov, V. Oparin,

S. Lvovchkin, 2002

ISBN 966–574–443–7


1.1. Regular and structurally integrated financial policies at the transition economy
1.2. The essence of restructuring processes in the financial systems of Ukraine
1.3. Parameters of achieved macroeconomic stability and financial performance
1.4. Ambush financial strategies and tactics in the context of economic growth
2. INSTITUTIONAL REFORMS In real and financial sectors of the economy
2.1. Problems of structural financial resources financial resources
2.2. Financial reforms in the real sector of the economy
2.3. Optimization of the financial market structure in the transition economy
2.4. Reform and development of the banking system
2.5. Formuvannu rinku of valuable folders
2.6. insurance market development issues
3.1. Reform of the budget system
3.1.1. Transformation of the role of the budget in financial and economic systems
3.1.2. Structural measures of the budget of Ukraine for the fate of independence
3.1.3. Funds of the price designation and the interchange with the budget
3.1.4. More comfortable budgetary arrangement and systems of inter-budgetary mutual vidosin
3.2. Podatkov’s reform in the context of balance and end-of-life and suspension of interest
3.2.1. Etapi becoming and development of the Ukrainian system of Ukraine
3.2.2. Podatkova structure that її dinamika
3.2.3. Problems on the side of mehanizm opodatkuvannya
3.3. Budget deficit and problems of trade policy
3.3.1. Features of the budget deficit at the transitional economy
3.3.2. Borga politics of Ukraine at the period of transformation of financial system
3.4. Integration of Ukraine in the international financial space
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