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The means reducing the sensitivity of nerve endings

Means of this group are widely used in the form of ointments, patches, aerosols
leu, injection solutions and other dosage forms as
painkillers, painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs for various pa-
tological processes. The effect of these funds is largely due to
Caused by reflex reactions associated with irritation of sensitive
nerve endings. To a greater extent, this refers to the means of
stinging mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, mouth, gastrointestinal
tract. However, these agents and agents that stimulate the receptors of the skin and
skin formations (including muscle tissue), have not only ref-
lectory, but also a general humoral effect on the body. Should be considered,
that many “local” products are absorbed to varying degrees and can
have a general resorptive effect, as well as affect various regulator-
processes, including neurotransmitter, immune reactions, etc. It has been proven
that irritation of the receptors of the mucous membranes, skin and subcutaneous
It is accompanied by the stimulation of the formation and release of enkephalins,
endorphins, dynorphins and peptides that play an important role in the regulation
pain, vascular permeability and other processes. Under influence
"annoying" substances release a number of other endogenous physiological
vigorously active compounds (histamine, kinins, etc.) that stimulate immune
logical processes affecting blood clotting, etc.
The "irritant" drugs include a number of herbal medicines.
funds, as well as synthetic compounds. Due to the specific
the advantages of the action and the scope in a separate subgroup are highlighted

Subgroup Medications that reduce the sensitivity of nerve endings include the following subgroups:
Subgroup Medications that reduce the sensitivity of nerve endings include drugs: