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Global trading system: development of institutes, rules, instruments COT - Tsigankova TM

Global trading system : development of institutes, rules, tools COT: Monographs / Ed. Cand.Econ.Sci., Assoc. TM Tsigankovo. - K .: KNEU, 2003. - ____ p.

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ROZDIL 1. Institutional Basis and Fundamental Principles of Regulatory International Trade
1.1. Istoriya trunk Svitovo ї organizatsі torgіvlі (SOT)
1.2. Mechanism of Functioning COT
1.3. Main Systems COT
1.4. Principles of the international trade system
Dodatok 1. Chronology of the admission of the Kraїn to the General, go to the tariffs and sales
Dodatok 2. Nymensh rozvinenі krayeni in COT
Dodatok 3. Warehouse of the post-staff personnel to the Secretary of the COT (2002 p.)
Dodatok 4. Organizational Structure of the Secretariat COT
Dodatok 5. Spheres of competence of functional pіdrozdіlіv Secretary COT
Dodatok 6. Rozpodіl staff on pіdrozdіlah Secretary to COT
Dodatok 7. Extraction of regional members up to the budget COT 2002 p.
Dodatok 8. Budget Secretariat COT for 2002 p.
ROZDIL 2. Universities rules of international trade
2.1. International rules of trade in goods (GATT 1994)
2.1.1. Svitov trade in goods: the camp that tendensі
2.1.2. Bagat sided with trading goods
2.1.3. Fundamental principles of international rules of goods trademark The principle of nondiscrimination Vyklyuchennya the principle of nondiscriminating Vzaimnostnі abo ékvіvalennost_ principle The principle of access to the market
2.1.4. Tariff Regulated
2.1.5. Non-tariff regulation Skasuvannya kіlkіsnyh obmezhen Freedom to transit Otsіnka goods for mitchny ts_ley Record that formalities with empire and export Marks about a friend Currency regulation
2.1.6. Special rules on the rules of the GATT for menswear
Dodatok 1. URT SOT: laid about special і and differentiation mode storasovno kraen, just like that. Analytical look
2.2. Give GATT 1994 bagatnostodnі ug with trade in goods
2.2.1. Rules for trade in products The role of the silyansk state in svіtovіy ekonomіtsі Specificity of the creative market of the unique market with special products Sphere zasosuvannya that structure Ugody about сільське state gift Access to the market Internal rules of the competitive goods and products Export subsidies Problems and prospects of a creative market with a unique market with products
2.2.2. Іntegratsіya rules trading textiles і odyagom system GATT 1994 Modern camp of svitovo ї trade and textile products and clothing Special features of international trade with textiles and clothing Mechanism of the integration of the textile sector to that of GATT 1994 Problems and prospects for creative lighting of textiles
2.2.3. Terms of Service Value
2.2.4. Zastosuvannya technical bar'чrіv u torgіvlі
2.2.5. International Legal Basis for the Functioning of the Power Trading Companies
2.2.6. Supervisor: go back to the inside
2.2.7. Subsidies and compensation
2.2.8. Demping and anti-dumping
2.2.9. Problems and prospects of regulation of merchandise merchandise
Dodatok 1. Comrades, ohopleni With the help of Silsk gosodarstvo
Dodatok 2. Zobov'yazannya kraїn-members_v COT schitodo vorotchennya export subsidies (million. USA)
Dodatok 3. Anti-dumping insight іnіtsіyovanі kraini-importers against Krajina-eksporterіv from 01/01/95 to 06/30/02
2.3. International rules of trade by services (GATS)
2.3.1. Stan that tendencies of merchants
2.3.2. The GATS structure
2.3.3. Specifics and classifications after service of the subject of trade
2.3.4. Fundamentals of trade rules
2.3.5. Regulation of Specific Areas after Services of Specific Objectives
2.3.6. National rozkladi poslug
2.3.7. Perspectives of the light market of the servants
2.4. Trade aspects of the rights of влаntelektualno ї authorities in the system of Svitovo ї organizations і torgіvlі
2.4.1. Influencing human rights on international trade
2.4.2. Pereumov and the inclusion of the rights of integrated power in the system of trade
2.4.3. The structure of the area about the trade aspects of the rights of intellectual property
2.4.4. OBJECTIVES OF INTELECTUALLY AUTHORITIES AND INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS OF SCIENCE, THE SPHERE OF THE DAY AND VICTORY Avtorska right that Sumy rights Trademarks Geographers Promices Patents Compound (topografі ї) integrated circuits Neozgoloshuvana Information
2.4.5. Proceed, go to the back of the rights of intellectual property rights.
2.4.6. Institutional Prevention of TRIPS
2.4.7. Problems and prospects for harmonization of standards for protecting the rights of inter-state authorities
ROZDIL 3. Process Mechanism of the System of Property Trade
3.1. The process will start to Svitovo ї organizazії trade,
3.1.1. COT membership
3.1.2. COT membership procedure Filing an application for entry to COT Overview of the trade regime of the country Negotiate about the drain I will enter: bagatnostodnnіr negotiate hundred rules rules trading Negotiate the mind of the brain I will enter: two-sided talks about access to the goods market Negotiate the mind of the brain I will enter: two-sided negotiations about access to the markets of the servants Uzgodzhennya Zvіtu Robokoї grupy that nabuttya membership
3.1.3. Deyaki osoblivost_ I will enter the COT
3.2. Vedennya dva ba бdat otnarodonnіkh trade negotiations
3.2.1. Roundy BagatDonnogo trade talks
3.2.2. Fundamentals of the principles of trade negotiations
3.2.3. Fundamentals to the negotiations
3.2.4. Gromadska piddrimka international bougate sided trade negotiations
3.3. Mekhanizm vregulyuvnya superechok within the COT
3.3.1. Evolution of mechanization in superposition of GATT to COT
3.3.2. Sphere zasosuvannya Domovlenostі about the rules and procedures vregulyuvannya superechok.
3.3.3. Povnovrozhennya organ vregulyuvnya superechok
3.3.4. The procedure vregulyuvannya superechok
3.3.5. Osobenost vregulyuvnya superechok in SOT
3.4. Mechanism looking around trade policy
3.4.1. Fundamentals of Mechanism Looking at Trade Policies
3.4.2. The procedure of carrying out periodiodnyh oglyadiv trade policy
Dodatok 1. Contracting Parties to the GATT (128 regions of the region)
Dodatok 2. Krany, scho prikodnalis to COT when it was 1995
Dodatok 3. Perelik pretenders for the entry to the COT
Dodatok 4. Format (Pro forma) Memorandum on Recognizing the Commercial Trade Regime
Dodatok 5. Prikladi specific zobov'yazan sosovno trade rules in working groups
Dodatok 6. Format (proforma) solution Generally for
Dodatok 7. Format (Pro forma) Protocol on Acceptance
Dodat 8. Zobov'yazannya rozkladu act to China
Dodatok 9. Delayed position of the graph of specific zobov'yazan in sector service to China
Dodatok 10. Perelik Viluchen z RNS China (Statteya II GATS)
Dodat 11. Basic direct negotiations on “Rwanda development”
Dodatok 12. Interviews in the procedures for controlling the supertrip, are posted in the COT in 1995-2001.
Dodatok 13 Schematic format for zvіtі kraїn
Rozdil 4. Perspective spheres of the most harmonious harmony
4.1. Mill and problems of international regulation regulator of trade on investment
4.1.1. Interconnection of trade and investment in the international process
4.1.2. Sutnіst і motivatsіya PZІ
4.1.3. Scale and structure of international investment
4.1.4. National regulation regimen PZІ
4.1.5. International rules of investment
4.1.6. Prospects for harmonization of investment rules in the minds of globalization
4.2. Trade and competitive politics
4.2.1. Competitive policy as an element of economics
4.2.2. Interconnection of competitor polices, trade and trademarks of internal markets
4.2.3. Ісings of international competition law yak base for international regimes of competitive policies
4.2.4. Arguments on the lead bagat-sided уг help about competitive politics
4.2.5. Problems and prospects for the development of competition law
4.3. Okhoron navolishnogo medium and international trade
4.3.1 Industrial development, international trade and security problem
4.3.2. Naturally laid in the SOT
4.3.3. Institutional safety of the robot COT with food ohoron of the middle school
4.3.4. Discussion of the mutual understanding of the development of international trade and the middle of the world
4.3.5. Perspectives on regulation of ecologic meals in COT
V. Ukraine і Svitova Organizatsiya torgivіvlі
5.1. Happiness and short-term systems of our trade in the context of joining the COT
5.1.1. Global translations and shortcomings
5.1.2. National Positive Positive Negative Adherence to COT Membership
5.1.3. Galusev and corporate moles
5.2. Klyuchev brains і naslіdki priєdnannya to COT kraїn z perehodnoy ekonom_koyu
5.3. The process of joining Ukraine to COT
5.3.1. Institutional Security Policy I will enter
5.3.2. Chronology of the process with the new camp I will join Ukraine to the Svittovo ї Organizatsiya torgivіvlі
Dodatok 1. Chronology of the admission of a Krajink by external economics to the GATT / COT system
Dodatok 2. Zvyazanі tariffs for promislovі comrade
Dodatok 3. Pitom vagazvyazh tariiv in the main groups of industrial goods
Dodatok 4. Rivne zv'yazanyh tariffs in the main groups of industrial goods
Dodatok 5. Pitom vagazal liaison zero tariff lіnіy for the main groups of goods
Dodatok 6. Tariff Zybov'yazannya for industrial products of new members of COT
Dodat 7. Rivnіz'yazanyh that zasossovuvanyh tariff_v on promislov_ comrade (forgive the middle rіven)
Dodatok 8. The structure of calling tariffs for importing of agricultural products
Dodatok 9. Tariff Zobov'yazannya new members of the COT of sco
Dodatok 10. The number of tariff quotas for the main groups of goods and goods
Dodatok 11. Vikristannya uzgodzheni obsyag_v internal і podtrimki on sіlskogospodarzki products (%)
Dodatok 12. Parameters of export subsidies of the Silsk state congregation of active members of the auspices of economics
Dodatok 13. GATS: Type and supply of services
Dodatok 14. GATS: Article XVІ “Access to the Market”
Dodatok 15. Kіlkіst zobov'yazan spheri_ poslug newhim_v COT
Dodatok 16. Kіlkіsna structure of goiters яз by service (chervil 2000 p.)
Dodatok 17. Yakіsna structure of goats' yazhod access to the market after services (%)
Dodatok 18. The actions of those who wanted to come before the COT Krajin z perekhodnoy ekonomіkoyu fallow by the fate of the coming
Dodatok 19. Dynamic real GDP in the territories of Central Asia and Europe in 1995-2000 (%)
Dodat 20. Obligations for export of European and European Krai to economic economy in 1995-2001 p. (mln. dollars)
Dodatok 21. Dinamіk obyagіv eksportu per capita population Skhidno краEuropean kraїn, scho є members of COT (dol.)
Dodatok 22. Zmіna chastchki to the export of European countries in industrial regions (%)
Dodatok 23. Dynamic obyagіv direct foreign investment in the regions of Central and Europe for 1995-2000 p. (million dollars)
Dodatok 24. Rіven bezrobіttya in the regions of Central and South Europe in 2000 p. [four. p.24] (%)
Dodatok 25. The dynamics of real GDP in the other group of the transitional economy, have come to the COT since 1995. (%)
Dodatok 26. Dynamic exporters in a different group of countries, the transitional economy, has joined
Datatok 27. Dynamic obyagіv direct land investment in the country with a perehidnoy economics
Dodatok 28. Ukraine on the way to the COT: Chronika main podіy
Додаток 29. Main food, scooped apart at the first hour of the work of the group