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Global Trading System: Development Institute, Rules, SOT Tools - T. Tsigankova

Global Trading System : Development Institute, Rules, Tools SOT: Monograph / Ed. Candidate of Economic Sciences, Assoc. T.M. Tsigankovo. - K .: KNEU, 2003. - ____ s.

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ROZDIL 1. Institutional basis and the basic principle of regulation of international trade
1.1. History of the Trade Organization Organization (SOT)
1.2. Mechanism Functional COT
1.3. Mainstream COT system
1.4. Principles of the International Trade System
Addendum 1. Chronology of recognition to the general price and tariffs
Dodatok 2. Nimensh rozvinenі kraїini in SOT
Dodatok 3. Warehouse for post-personnel to the Secretary of the COT (2002 p.)
Dodatok 4. Organizational structure of the Secretariat SOT
Dodatok 5. Areas of competence of functional fungi secretariat SOT
Dodatok 6. Rospodil staff on the basis of the secretary of the SOT
Dodatok 7. The contribution of the Krai-member to the budget of the COT 2002 p.
Dodatok 8. The budget of the Secretary of COT for 2002 p.
ROZDIL 2. Unified rules of international trade
2.1. International Trade Rules for Goods (GATT 1994)
2.1.1. Svitova trade in goods: stan and tendencies
2.1.2. Bagatilateral
2.1.3. Fundamental Principle of Unified International Trade Commodity Rules The principle of non-discrimination Disclosure on the principle of non-discrimination The principle of reciprocity or equivalent The principle of access to the market
2.1.4. Tariff regulation
2.1.5. Non-tariff regulation Skasuvannya kіlkіsnikh obmezhen Freedom of transit Estimation of goods for mitniy values Zbori and formalities with import and export Signs about hiking Currency regulation
2.1.6. Special understanding of the rules of the GATT vidno mensh rozvinenih krask
Dodatok 1. Take away the SOT: the position about the special and differentiation regime is strictly in English, I’m developing. Analitic look
2.2. Povyazanі z GATT 1994
2.2.1. Rules for the trade of products of the products of Ukraine The role of the city government in the economy The specifics of the liberalization of the market of food products The sphere of stagnation and structure Access to the market The rules of the internal marketing of consumer goods Export subsidies Problems and perspectives of liberalization of the social and social products
2.2.2. Integration of the rules for trade in textiles and clothing in the GATT 1994 system The current factory of textile trade in textile products and clothing Special features of the liberal trade in textiles and clothing Mechanism of the integrated textile sector and clothing before GATT 1994 Problems and prospects of liberal textile market for textiles
2.2.3. Terms of use for goods
2.2.4. Occurrence of technical bar'єrіv at the bargain
2.2.5. International legal basis for the functioning of the sovereign trade enterprises
2.2.6. Nadzvichaynі come in zhystu vid import
2.2.7. Subsidies and compensations come in
2.2.8. Dumping and anti-dumping come in
2.2.9. Problems and perspectives of regulated trade in goods
Dodatok 1. Goods, ohopleni Ugodoyu about sіlske gospodarstvo
Dodatok 2. Zobov'yazannya krayn-member of the COT is often speedy export subsidies (million US dollars)
Dodatok 3. Anti-Damping and Pre-Institutional Exporters of Ukraine and Ukraine exporters from 01.01.95 to 06.30.02
2.3. International rules for trade in servants (GATS)
2.3.1. Standard and tendency of trade in services
2.3.2. Significant GATS Structure
2.3.3. Specificity and Classification of Service as a Subject of Trade
2.3.4. Basic rules for trade in services
2.3.5. Regulation of specific areas of services and specific areas
2.3.6. National service posters
2.3.7. Prospects for liberalization of the services market
2.4. Trade Aspects of the Rights of Intellectual Power in the System of Trade Organizations Trade
2.4.1. The right to intellectual property rights for international trade
2.4.2. Change your mind about the inclusion of intellectual property rights in the system of private trading
2.4.3. The structure of the profit about the trade aspect of the rights of intellectual property
2.4.4. Obligations of the international and international standards on the manifestations of rights and rights of the world Copyright Law and Sum Rights Trademarks Geographic value Promislovі zrazki Patents Composition (topography) of integrated microcircuits Nerozgoloshuvana information
2.4.5. Procedure and come in to clean up the rights of intellectual power
2.4.6. Institutional health care TRIPS
2.4.7. Problems and prospects of harmonization of standards for the protection of intellectual property rights
ROZDIL 3. Process mechanical systems of commercial trading
3.1. The process of joining the Private Organizing Trade
3.1.1. Membership in COT
3.1.2. Membership Membership Procedure Submission of an application for entry to the COT and the robochno robo group Survey of the trade regime of the country Talk about think in advance: big-sided negotiation strictly rules of trade Talk wise I’ll enter: two-way talk about access to goods markets Talk to the minds I will enter: two-way talk about access to the market of services Uzgodzhennya the sound of the Robot group and membership membership
3.1.3. Deyakі special features I will join the COT
3.2. Vedennya dvata two-sided trade negotiations
3.2.1. Roundtag of sided trade negotiations
3.2.2. The basic principle of trade negotiations
3.2.3. Main steps to negotiation
3.2.4. Громадська підтримка of the international two-party bilateral trade negotiations
3.3.1. Evolution of mechanics in time of superachion of GATT to COT
3.3.2. The scope of the Domovlenostі stasis about rules and procedures
3.3.3. Reinventing the Authority
3.3.4. Procedure
3.3.5. Features
3.4. Mechanism looking around trade policy
3.4.1. The main principles of mechanics in the field of trade policy
3.4.2. The procedure for the periodic inspection of trade policy
Addendum 1. Contracted parties to the GATT (128 territory and okremich mitny territories)
Dodatok 2. Faucets, scho podnёdalsya before COT after 1995 rock
Dodatok 3. Transfer of applicants for entry to COT
Dodatok 4. Format (proforma) of the memorandum on foreign trade regime of the country
Dodatok 5. Put specific goiters'yazan stasno trade rules in the names of the Robotich group
Dodatok 6. Format (pro-forma)
Dodatok 7. Format (proforma) Protocol on recognition
Dodatok 8. Zobov'yazannya s Rozkladu act China
Dodatok 9. Acts on the schedule of specific goiters in the sector of services to China
Dodatok 10. Perelik Viluchen from RNS to China (Article II GATS)
Dodatok 11. The main steps of the bilateral negotiations “Rwanda development”
Dodatok 12. Vіdpovіdachі in the procedures vreglyuvannya superachku, we distribute in SOT from 1995-2001rr.
Dodatok 13 Schematic format for audio
ROZDIL 4. Prospective areas of bagatogradonnyї harmonizatsії
4.1. Stan проблем problems of the inter-seasoned international regulation of trade in investment
4.1.1. The risk of trading and investing in the process of international investment
4.1.2. Sutnі і motivation ПЗІ
4.1.3. Scale and structure of the international investment
4.1.4. National regulation PZІ
4.1.5. International rules for investment
4.1.6. Prospects for harmonization of investment rules in the minds of globalization
4.2. Trade and Competitive Politics
4.2.1. Competitive policy as an element of the market economy
4.2.2. The interplay of competitive policies, trade and liberalization of internal markets
4.2.3. The international standards of competition law as the basis for the establishment of international competition policies
4.2.4. Arguments on the baggage-sided pleasing about competitive politics
4.2.5. Problems and Prospects for the Development of Bagatoral Competition Laws
4.3. The protection of the middle treasury and international trade
4.3.1 Promisloviy rozvitok, international trade and the problem of protecting the midway treasury
4.3.2. Nature conservation provisions in COT Coils
4.3.3. Institutional protection of robots COT with food
4.3.4. Discussions on nutrition of interdependence of international trade and I will become a middleman
4.3.5. Prospects for regulation of environmental nutrition in SOT
V. Ukraine і Svіtova Organizatsiya trade_vlі
5.1. Relocations and shortcomings of the system of private trading in the context of entering the country to the COT
5.1.1. Global overtax and shortcomings
5.1.2. National positive and negative membership benefits in SOT
5.1.3. Galusevi and Corporate Clients
5.2. Keys of understanding and advancement to the local social network with a transition economy
5.3. The process of Ukraine’s admission to COT
5.3.1. Institutional care of the process of joining
5.3.2. Chronology of the process and the current membership of the Ukraine’s accession to the Private Organizing Trade
Dodatok 1. Chronology of Ukraine with transition economies to the GATT / COT system
Addendum 2. Sound tariffs for promo comrade
Dodatok 3. Pitoma vaga zv'yazanikh tariffs for the main groups of industrial goods
Dodatok 4. Riven zv'yazanikh tariffs for the main groups of industrial goods
Dodatok 5. Pitoma waggon 'zanyazanih zero tariff lines for the main groups of goods
Dodatok 6. Tariffs of goiters for industrial products of new members
Addendum 7. Rivne zv'yazanikh that zasosovuvanih tariffs on promislovy comrade (simple middle rivny)
Dodatok 8. The structure of the tariffs for the import of food products
Dodatok 9. Tariffs of goiters for new members of the COT for the production of food products
Dodatok 10. The number of tariff quotas for the main groups of household goods
Dodatok 11. Vykoristannya Uzgodzhenih obyagіv vnutrіshnyoі pіdtrimki on sіlskogospodarskіy products (%)
Dodatok 12. Parameters of export subsidies of the state gratitude of deyaki krains with a transition economy
Dodat 13. GATS: Tipi supply of servants
Dodat 14. GATS: Article XVІ “Access to the market”
Dodatok 15. Kіlkіst goiters'yazan in the sphere of services of new members
Dodatok 16. Kіlkіsna structure goiter'yazan according to the servants (2000 red cherries)
Dodatok 17. Yakisna structure of goiters'yazan access to the market for services (%)
Dodatok 18. The actions of those goiters who were recognized to the COT in the country with a transition economy fallow in the territory of the Republic
Dodatok 19. The dynamics of real GDP in the countries of Central and Scheduled Europe in 1995-2000 (%)
Dodatok 20. Obligations to the export of the Ukrainian-European territory with a transition economy in 1995-2001 (million dollars)
Dodatok 21. Dinamika obsyagіv export per capita to the population of Ukraine, in which members of the COT (dol.)
Dodatok 22. The winter season is often exported to the European and Ukrainian regions in industrialized regions (%)
Dodatok 23. Dynamism of obligations directly to foreign investors in the territories of the Central and European Europe for 1995-2000 pp. (million dollars)
Dodatok 24. Rivne of unemployment in the territories of Central and Scheduled Europe in 2000 [4. p.24] (%)
Dodatok 25. The dynamics of real GDP in another group of countries with a transition economy, which have come up to the point since 1995, p. (%)
Dodatok 26. Dinamika obyagіv export to another group in the country with a transition economy, which are recognized
Addendum 27. Dynamism of obligations, direct investment in foreign countries with a transition economy
Dodatok 28. Ukraine for a hat before COT: a chronicle of the main achievements
Dodatok 29. The main food, I could see the hour of the occupation of the Robot group