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#UkraineRussiaWar 23/06/2015

UPD: 23/06/2015 "So you're a separet, bitch !? What kind of # x are you coming here, woodpeckers?" - Ukrainian fighters captured Lugansk thriller. VIDEO

A video appeared on the network where Ukrainian fighters take out a wounded militant from the battlefield and provide him with first aid. Attention! Profanity!

Video is not recommended for viewing to people with unbalanced psyche!

The author of the video writes that this happened during the battle for Debaltsevo, after one of the numerous tank attacks on the Ukrainian positions.

Later this action movie was exchanged for three Ukrainian fighters who were captured by Russian terrorists.

UPD: 23/06/2015 "Anton Vasilovich, well, you are robbing yourself of everything we do?" - the head of the Court of Appeal of Kiev Chernushenko is trying to hide money and documents during the search. VIDEO

In the network appeared a video of the search, which occurred last Friday in the office of the head of the Court of Appeal of Kiev Anton Chernushenko.

During this procedural action, SBU officers who conducted the search had to stop the head of the court's repeated attempts to hide money or documents.

UPD: 23/06/2015 "Mezhyhirya is not mine, I just supported the ostriches that lived there," - Yanukovych gave an interview to the BBC. VIDEO

Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych claims that the residence in Mezhyhiria, in which many luxury items were found, did not belong to him.

This Yanukovych told in an exclusive interview with the BBC.

"As for the residence, you understand that these are all technologies, technologies, I was acting as president, I had to have a place to hold some international meetings and so on," the fugitive president said.

According to Yanukovych, he owned only a house located on the territory of the residence with an area of ​​630 square meters, for which he paid out of personal funds a little more than 3 million dollars and which he officially declared.

The former president claims that he did not own anything more in the residence, including the zoo with ostriches discovered there. According to Yanukovych, he simply "supported these ostriches" who "just lived there."

Let's note, this interview was the first interview of Yanukovych to the Western media since the moment of his removal from power.